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What’s New On
Romance Scams Now

March 2018

RadioRSN Interview with Debby Montgomery

RadioRSN Audio Interview with Debby Montgomery An interview with Debby Montgomery, a Romance Scam survivor conducted by Dr. Tim McGuinness Chairman of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams™ [SCARS]™ for RadioRSN™ on March 8th, [...]

The Basic Money Mule Model!

The Basic Money Mule Model! Scammers scam their victims, but while the scam is ongoing, they convince the victim to do them a favor - receive some money or merchandise for them. It might be [...]


EDITORIAL: WHY CAN'T POLICE ARREST SCAMMERS? The Process Of Arresting Criminals Outside Of Your Country Is Complicated Let'S Start With A Few Basic Facts! Some scammers are local, and these are treated as local crimes. [...]

Are Scams Manslaughter or Murder?

Are Scams Manslaughter or Maybe Murder? Our data suggest that 10 to 12 people commit suicide every day resulting from Romance Scams! Let us ask you a question? In most developed countries, if someone dies [...]


WHY ARE YOU HERE? That is kind of a rude question! Imagine some stranger came up to you on the street and asked you that? You would be put off, right? But if you were [...]

Little Black Book of Scams

Little Black Book of Scams The Canadian Edition: THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF SCAMS First published by the Competition Bureau Canada 2012 Reproduced with permission from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission YOUR GUIDE TO PROTECTION [...]

How Do Scammer Organizations Work?

How Do Scammer Organizations Really Work? Here is a useful diagram that may help you better understand the organizations that scammed you. Almost 45% of victims believe they were scammed by a single scammer, yet [...]

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim This Is One Of Those Things That No One Will Tell You To Your Face! Every day we are contacted by hundreds of victims - sometimes more than [...]

Saving Scammers’ Current Victims

Saving Scammers' Current Victims It Starts With You! Victims are everywhere! Scammers are everywhere! When you find a scammer profile you will see people commenting or friending that profile. These are men or women who [...]

Are We Real?

A HATER JUST CALLED US FAKE! Our Official Response Unlike incompetent scam haters this or captain that or police team group something else, RSN's Team has been working against scammers for 27 years - since [...]

Scam Baiting Is A Waste Of Time

Why Do People Scam Bait? Let's start with the basic problem. Victims want to regain control. When a person is scammed, especially a romance scam, they lose control. The scammer was in control and when [...]

Why Don’t Scam Victims Report Scams?

Why Don't People Report Crimes to the Police? The leading reason people don't report crimes to the police is that they are either afraid, ashamed, or handle the matter in another way, such as report [...]

February 2018


WATCH OUT FOR PRO-DATERS Local Romance Scammers The pro-dater differs from the other romance scams in their method of operation; a face-to-face meeting actually does take place in the scammer's country but is devoted solely [...]

Scammer Threats

Being Threatened By Scammers Many of you have been subject to threats from scammers. Many are still afraid. Just remember that scammers are liars - first, last, and everything in between. They lie about everything, [...]


Never be afraid of offending someone or being judgmental! These are survival traits One of the reasons that people become victims is their fear of offending. Being afraid to slam the door in someone's face. [...]


DO YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY FROM SCAMMERS? HERE IS AN ANTI-SCAMMER EXPERIMENT For this experiment you will need: A NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT - Go to gmail.com and create a new Gmail email address [...]

International Relationships Are Dead!

International Relationships Are Dead! It is no longer safe to contemplate a long distance relationship! One of the amazing things about the Internet was how it allowed us to connect with amazing people around the world. [...]


Editorials & Opinions On Scamming ACCUSATIONS AGAINST PERSONS IN STOLEN PHOTOS For some time, there have been a number of die-hard believers in the idea that all, or most of the people in the stolen [...]


URGENT SCAM ALERT - READ & SHARE WITH EVERYONE WESTERN UNION REFUND / RECOVERY SCAM Scammers are copying the FTC / Western Union Recovery website, as well as calling previous victims pretending to be part [...]


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapter 9 Victims Are Stupid? Actually, scam victims may have done something dumb, but they are almost never stupid! In fact, the vast majority of romance scams victims are above average [...]

Scammer’s Favorite: Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder

You Know This Guy! Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder  German Popular Singer You Have Seen His Photos Before! Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder, [...]

Scammer’s Favorite: Mia Malkova

You Know This Girl! Mia Malkova Eastern European Adult/Porn Model You Have Seen Her Photos Before! Mia Malkova Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Mia Malkova, since these [...]

RSN Guide To Family Interventions

RSN Guide For Relatives Of Scam Victims In Total Denial Why Do Some People Refuse To Get It? INTRODUCTION This guide is intended for family members of scam victims that are in denial and refuse to [...]

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