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Money Recovery Scams – SCARS|RSN™ WARNING

SCARS|RSN™ WARNING: Money Recovery Scams This article is going to force you to look at some very blunt and harsh truths ... Money Recovery Services Are A Scam Scammers know you. They know that when you are the victim of a Romance Scams and lost money that you are going to be desperate to get your money back - to recover it. The problem is that once it is in the scammer's hands it is [...]

What You Can Expect After A Scam – SCARS|RSN™ Podcast By Dr. Tim McGuinness

 SCARS|RSN™ Podcast By Dr. Tim McGuinness: What You Can Expect After A Scam Immediately After A Scam, You Will Have Questions. We Will Try To Answer Them! Here is our After-Scam Reality Check Podcast! You can download this for playback later is you would like. It is blunt but to the point – you need proper expectations to move forward with your recovery. Based upon our 27 Years of Experience this is what you should expect: You Have Been [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Insight: Romance Scammer As A Consort

SCARS|RSN™ Insight: Romance Scammer As A Consort Here Is A Head Scratcher Of A Dilemma Over the years we have seen everything, every type of scam, and every type of victim. However, there is one type of victim that has left us not knowing how best to help them. We know or know off women and men who are not exactly in denial, but they refuse to end their scams. They know or at least mostly [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Getting Help From The FBI

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Getting Help From The FBI After You Report A Scam To The FBI (United States Federal Bureau of Investigation) via their website or by other means to one of their special agents, the FBI provides special Victims Services for you. FBI Victim Services FBI Victim Services Overview: The FBI's Victim Services Division (VSD) is responsible for ensuring that victims of crimes investigated by the FBI are afforded the opportunity to receive [...]

The Trauma of Victimization

The Trauma of Victimization Provided by the National Center for Victims of Crimes SCARS is registered with the NCVC as an online crime victims’ assistance and support organization Overview The trauma of victimization is a direct reaction to the aftermath of crime. Crime victims suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma. The primary injuries victims suffer can be grouped into three distinct categories: physical, financial and emotional. When victims do not receive the [...]

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM!

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM! Recognize that you were scammed. Admit it. Say it out loud! You were scammed! Don’t be ashamed. Accept that you were manipulated. They used you against yourself. They got the better of you! You gave them your money. You sent it to them willingly. It is never coming back! Accept that. They are beyond your reach. They live in countries across the ocean. You can’t get them [...]

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