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RSN™ Special Report: How Did You Get Captured In A Scam

RSN™ Special Report: How Did You Get Captured In A Scam? Talking To And Trusting Strangers, And The Captive Flow We All Know We Are Not Supposed To Automatically Trust Strangers - Then Why Do We? Let's explore why we are so willing to trust someone we have never met! In 2017 Study It Suggests We Are More Likely To Trust A Stranger Instead Of Someone We know Recent research suggests what we thought we knew about social [...]


STRANGER CONTACT WARNING We want to alert you to a a potential problem with people who comment on anti-scam pages & websites. That person may be a MULE or a SCAMMER recruiting. There are victims who fall under a fairy tale told by scammers - that someone is going to help all of these victims, and wants their connections (mules) to go out and connect with victims so "He" can help them. Warning them about [...]

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