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Stolen Photos & Identity Theft

Stolen Photos & Identity Theft According to estimates from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly 17 million people experienced at least one incident of identity theft in 2012 (last year data available), causing financial losses totaling almost $25 billion. In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that identity theft complaints are the most [...]

Top 10 Most Stolen Photos

Top 10 Most Stolen Photos WorldwideHere are the top ten favorite personalities that scammers steal photos from!These are worldwide favorites of scammers to use for fake profiles in social media and online dating websites.This is based up data compiled from the dating industry. 

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Romance Scams & Identity Theft

Few Know The Real Impact Romance Scams Can Lead To Identity Theft In fact, every stolen photo placed on a fake profile is stealing that person’s identity.  Yours may be being used also! We do our best to record and expose this practice of photo identity theft and offer expert witness testimony against dating websites [...]

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Dating Scammer Favorite – Recognize Her?

Romance Scammer Favorite Girl Scammers Are Creatures Of Habit The Scammer’s Favorite: Yuliana Avalos Have You Met Her Before?  Odds Are You Have Seen Her! […]

Latest Scammer Photos

Here are the latest Scammer Photos Of course these are not photos of the actual scammers, these are stolen photos used by scammers. The women pictured are scammer victims too.  Though it tells us about how the scammers see us! See Anyone You Know? […]

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When Dating Online You're Taking Your Life In Your Hands!What?  Yes, your life, or at least your identity - which for most of us, is a big part of our life is literally on the line with every online dating contact you make!How Is That Possible?Simple, really.  When you make contact, you start the downward [...]

SCAMMER NEWS: Model Sues For $1.5 Billion, Says Her Picture Was Used In 200 Fake Profiles

A Last The Reality Comes To The Surface! Dating Website Operators Caught Turning A Blind Eye To Scammers And Fake Profiles The following article, reprinted in the public interest provided courtesy of Download the complaint here: 186531508-Avalos-Complaint-pdf » […]