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RSN™ Commentary: Reporting Fakes To Facebook Is A Waste Of Time?

RSN™ Commentary: Reporting Fakes To Facebook Is A Waste Of Time? What Good Does Reporting Fakes To Facebook Do? For each one that we shut down, another pops up right? Yes, indeed. So why does it matter? If you think like that you are being defeatist from the get-go. You are overlooking the real reasons for things and focusing on your own disillusionment and disappointment. Why do we take down as many fake profiles as [...]


ATTENTION SCAM VICTIMS FROM NEW ZEALAND A Scam Victims Research Study is being conducted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with the support of SCARS™ This study has been reviewed and formally approved by SCARS and the University of Auckland (NZ) for a study to help Romance Scam victims. The study is a formal study of victims to help find new solutions for assistance, support, and recovery. SCARS has created a private Facebook Group [...]

RSN™ Guide: A to Z of Online Fraud

RSN™ Guide: A to Z of Online Fraud Most people now have access to the internet. We use our home computers, phones, and other devices to shop or bank online, keep in touch with friends and relatives, and lots of other everyday activities because we find it convenient and easy. But the same is also true of fraudsters. With all the convenience the internet brings, it is important to be aware of potential online risks. [...]

RSN™ Guide: Selfishness – The Common Behavior In Romance Scams

A Guide To Scam Victim Selfishness: The Common Behavior That Leads To Romance Scams This article is going to look at an unpleasant component of the scam victim's behavior during and after the scam. This is not intended to be an attack on you or to make you feel bad about yourself, but rather to get you thinking about what happened and your own behavior during the scam and afterward. Remember that you were manipulated [...]


RSN EDITORIAL "The Lion" Everyone believes they will live forever. Everyone believes crime will never happen to them. No one expects to be the victim of a romance scam! Did you? We live in a world that has been the same since the beginning of time. There are lions out there and they will eat you if you let them. Did you read that part? IF YOU LET THEM! Humans evolved in an environment where we [...]

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM!

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM! Recognize that you were scammed. Admit it. Say it out loud! You were scammed! Don’t be ashamed. Accept that you were manipulated. They used you against yourself. They got the better of you! You gave them your money. You sent it to them willingly. It is never coming back! Accept that. They are beyond your reach. They live in countries across the ocean. You can’t get them [...]

How Do Scammer Organizations Work?

How Do Scammer Organizations Really Work? Here is a useful diagram that may help you better understand the organizations that scammed you. Almost 45% of victims believe they were scammed by a single scammer, yet our data indicates that over 90% of scams are performed by teams. Also, unfortunately, almost 13% of victims believe that the face in the photo is the real scammer. They either do not understand that those are stolen photos or [...]

RSN™ Guide: Saving Scammers’ Current Victims

Saving Scammers' Current Victims It Starts With You! Victims are everywhere! Scammers are everywhere! When you find a scammer profile you will see people commenting or friending that profile. These are men or women who are believing that the face in the photo is real. These are either already victims (and may just not know it yet) or are just waiting to be scammed. You can do something about this! It is very simple! It [...]

RSN™ Guide: Friend & Family Interventions

RSN Guide For Relatives Of Scam Victims In Total Denial Why Do Some People Refuse To Get It? INTRODUCTION This guide is intended for family members of scam victims that are in denial and refuse to accept that they are being scammed. This is NOT for scam victims themselves. NOTE: This is intended for educational purposes only We are not offering a medical diagnosis or offering health care or legal advice in this article. Such individuals [...]

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS: Chapter 7 – No One Is Doing Anything!

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS: Chapter 7 - No One Is Doing Anything! Nothing Is Being Done? We constantly hear from victims that say that no one is doing anything, or that nothing is being done! Unfortunately, it can certainly seem that way. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Most people believe that all crime is handled the way they see it on TV. You report it, and the police jump on it immediately. By [...]

Reporting Romance Scams: Why Survivors Often Don’t

Reporting Romance Scams: Why Survivors Often Don’t By the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams, Inc. January 15, 2018 © Introduction Why is it that not all romance scams survivors find it necessary to report scams? After all, a romance scam is truly an emotional assault, a form of rape! Why don’t they report them to the criminal justice system in order to move forward from their experience? In fact, some feel that the criminal [...]

Mistakes Scam Victims Make

Common Mistakes Most Online Scam Victims Make After a scam, most victims go through a variety of emotional states! First there is denial, then comes anger, and judgment goes out the window! Unfortunately, when you are a victim of a crime, you need to try to think as clearly as possible, and recover your mental equilibrium. This is not easy, but by losing your head you make your own recovery and law enforcement that much [...]

Online Dating Websites

Are you using online dating websites? If you have been a victim of an online scam anytime in the last 5 years, you should never use online dating - EVER AGAIN. Why? Because scam victims are more likely to be scammed again and again. You may not think that, but you are a believer. You want to believe in others, and that makes you vulnerable.   It not only makes you vulnerable to a better crafted [...]

RSN Steps™ – Scam Victim Free Self-Help Recovery Program

The RSN Steps™ - Scam Victim Free Self-Help Recovery Program Copyright © 2016-2018 Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams Inc. A Free 8 Step Program For Self-Help Recovery From Online Fraud The SCARS™ / Romance Scams Now™ Road Map To Self-Recovery For Scam Victims. Note: This is not a medically approved program, but an emotional support program intended for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the end. This program was designed by the [...]

New Study Shows Who Are Likely To Be Scammed

A New Study Analyzes Who Will Be Scammed Sensitive people more vulnerable to online dating scams The Study Was Conducted by the BRITISH PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY Per their results, sensitive and less emotionally intelligent people are more likely to be vulnerable to online dating scams. That is the finding of a study by Dr Martin Graff of the University of South Wales presented on Tuesday 26 April 2016, at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in [...]

For Victims Of Scams This May Help

You Are Probably Here Because You Connected With A Scammer Once you have been through this, you are left with many feelings: Disconnection, Shame, Anger, and Vulnerability. Ironically, these may be tools you can use to not only get over being a victim, but to improve you overall life. The publisher of this website is a member of TED, and has found a few TED videos that can be useful in understanding the SHAME that comes [...]

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