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RSN™ Insight: Scams & Law Enforcement 2018 – 18,000 Scammers Arrested [Infographic]

RSN™ Insight: Scams & Law Enforcement 2018 - 18,000 Scammers Arrested [Infographic] Let This Sink In For A Minute! What part did you play in this? Did you report your scam or scammer? Still, only about 5% of victims report their crimes to law enforcement or to SCARS. 2018-18000-scammers-arrested Do Your Part So Law Enforcement Can Do Theirs! Report Every Scam & Scammer To, To Your Local Police And The The FBI Let's [...]

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams Online Romance Scam Information About Stolen Soldier Identities Impersonation & Identity Theft Of United States Army Soldiers If You Suspect Someone Then They ARE A Scammer You may have a suspicion about someone you have met online. You may not know it yet but your instincts picked up on something out of place (below we explain the Red Flags in more detail). Go with your [...]

RSN™ Guide: Legal Risks?

A Word About Legal Risks Do Victims Fear Legal Risks? [post updated July 31, 2018 - original post February 19, 2016] LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We Cannot Give You Legal Advice. We Can Only Share Our Opinion The following is an expression of non-legal opinion. You should always consult a licensed attorney regarding all matters of law, their interpretation, and to obtain a proper legal opinion. This article is for purely educational and entertainment purposes and does [...]

Why Don’t Victims Report Crimes?

Why Don't Victims Report Crimes? The main reason victims don't report crimes to the police or the FBI is that they are either afraid, ashamed, or prefer to handle the matter in another way, such as report the incident to someone else. According to a 2012 study conducted by the U.S. Justice Department National Center for Crime Victims, that analyzed the reasons that roughly 52 percent of all crimes were not reported to the police [...]


Another Type Of Scam: THE RECOVERY SCAMThere are people contacting victims and offering to help them recover their money as a service.This is commonly known as THE RECOVERY SCAM!Money sent to Africa is lost and can never be recovered. Even if the scammer is arrested, their property is usually seized​ by the local police or government. So in the case of African scammers, it is just gone.In some countries in Asia, it is a little [...]

What To Do About Scams And Scammers?

Many have asked "What Can We Do" after they have been scammed.   We actually have had hundreds of scammers identified to their local governments. However, this is totally dependent on the country the operate from. So it is a long hard road.   Actually, though, you have many options.   First you should ALWAYS file local police reports for the individual scams - so you have it documented, if nothing else it is a [...]

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