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RSN™ Commentary: Change In RSN Editorial Policy

RSN™ Commentary: Change In RSN Editorial Policy This week has been an interesting one on many levels. We have an attack by another anti-scam group supported by Facebook, we had an election that risks our progress against scammers, and one of our employees left our employment over hate and treats we received.   We have always prided ourselves on our transparency, however, from here on out we will not be discussing our Advocacy activities on [...]

Open Letter To The Online Dating Industry

Dating Websites Live In Denial An Open Letter To The Dating Industry We are often surprised to see just how ambivalent Dating Site operators are about Scammers and Fake profiles! In a recent study conducted by the RomanceScamsNow.com found that the majority of online daters surveyed (from our 30,000+ visitors per month) is that they no longer believe in online dating, and that ALL dating sites are flooded with fake profiles (scams). […]


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