Profile Of An OKcupid Scammer: yourmineheart [email protected]

okcupid.com female scammer OkCupid.com Stolen Porn Star Photo [email protected] Ghanaian Scammer on OKcupid.com Her OkCupid.com Details Last Online - December 3Orientation - StraightEthnicity - BlackHeight - 5′ 6″ (1.68m)Body [...]

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GHANA SCAMMER: Karen Young [email protected]

kayyoung50 GHANA SCAMMER: Karen Young [email protected] Another Ghana Scammer This one is quite good, writing is reasonable with few mistakes This Ghana Scammer Is: Karen [email protected] York, NY [but really [...]

SCAMMER: Karina Ariana Rynaldee 21 [email protected] New York, NY

SCAMMER: Karina Ariana 21 [email protected] New York, NY - tell-tale scammer photo 21 Years Old? We think not! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Karina Ariana Rynaldee, 21From Berlin, Germany. Living [...]

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria Just Had To Publish This One! OMG - Are We That Stupid? An Honest To God Nigeria [...]

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SCAMMER: Carol Smith [email protected] [email protected]

SCAMMER: Carol Smith [email protected] [email protected] New York Scammer (from Ghana) Same story, just a different photo This Romance Website Scammer Is: Carol Smith 35New York, NY [email protected] [email protected] [...]

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CHRISTMAS SCAMMER: Mary (starlife414) [email protected]

Mary (starlife414) [email protected] Was the night before Christmas And the Ghanaians were naughty not nice! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Mary (starlife414)[email protected] York, NY [...]

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SCAMMER: Anita Akoako (lucilove45) [email protected]

Anita Akoako (lucilove45) [email protected] - image probably stolen Using The Military Again Truly Scum Using Our Military To Scam Us!She is looking for a "Sole Mate" Guess She lost [...]

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SCAMMER: Richly Mensah [email protected] [email protected]

SCAMMER: Richly Mensah [email protected] [email protected] A Richly Scammer A Love Scope!  Give Me A Break! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Richly Mensah [email protected]@gmail.com [...]

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NIGERIAN SCAMMER: Honey (Xmasslovey / Sweet Chic) [email protected]

Honey (Xmasslovey / Sweet Chic) [email protected] A Nigerian Aid Worker! They will use anybody to commit their scams! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Honey  (Xmasslovey / Sweet Chic) [email protected] [...]

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REPEAT SCAMMER: Christie Mama (christie1933) [email protected]

REPEAT SCAMMER: Christie Mama (christie1933) [email protected] Yo Mama! This one writes very well indeed! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Christie Mama / Christiana Mama (christie1933) [email protected] Valley, NY Also [...]

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REPEAT SCAMMER: Rebecca (rbclove) 30 [email protected]

REPEAT SCAMMER: Rebecca (rbclove) 30 [email protected] - photo stolen Just Like The Walking Dead They just keep coming back! This one wins the prize as our most famous repeat scammer! This Romance [...]

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SCAMMER: Linda Kay (Lindkay59), 31 / Sara Kay / [email protected]

Linda Kay (Lindkay59), 31 / Sara Kay / [email protected] Still Just As Dumb Another "Native American" This Sweetheart / Dating Scammer Is: Linda Kay (Lindkay59), 31Also known as: Sara [email protected] York, NY   [...]

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SERIAL REPEAT SCAMMER - Yusifyn Destiny [email protected]

Yusifyn Destiny [email protected] [REPEAT SCAMMER] [Becky Page / Becky Ellis] - stolen photos SERIAL REPEAT SCAMMER This one is a 5x offender This Romance Website Scammer Is: Yusifyn Destiny [email protected] Also Known [...]

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SCAMMER: Thelma Konadu Agyekum [email protected]

Thelma Konadu Agyekum [email protected] - Christmas Island but from Ghana - Images Probably Stolen (But May Be Real) Another Ghana Scammer Says She Is From Christmas Island But Knows Nothing About It This [...]

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