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A Message From The Real Corin Riggs

A Message From The Real Corin Riggs We Received A Comment Recently From The Real Corin Riggs About The Theft And Use Of Her Photos: I am Corin Riggs and I know you are all [...]

RSN™ Anti-Scam Tip: Online Love Asking For Money? It’s A Scam.

RSN™ Anti-Scam Tip: Online Love Asking For Money? It’s A Scam. While plenty of successful relationships begin online, scammers also use online dating sites, apps, and chat rooms to trick you into sending them money. [...]

Yahoo Boys Invade Ghana

Yahoo Plus: Nigeria’s 419 scam network is spreading into Ghana We know that Nigerian Scammers have spread throughout much of the world, but this represents a more serious movement into Ghana to consolidate the region. [...]

How Do Scammer Organizations Work?

How Do Scammer Organizations Really Work? Here is a useful diagram that may help you better understand the organizations that scammed you. Almost 45% of victims believe they were scammed by a single scammer, yet [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Scammers Arrested In Ghana

GHANA - SMALL MIRACLES: Scammers Arrested In Ghana 26 ‘Yahoo’ Boys Including Nigerians Arrested In Ghana, Laptops And Phones Recovered In a rare sign of prosecution in Ghana, 26 scammers / internet fraudsters popularly known as [...]

Scammer Interrogation Techniques

How To Question Scammers Scammer  Interrogation Techniques You Should Know (And Why Not All of Them Work) When a scammer is questioned about a scam, it is a pretty good assumption that the criminally-inclined will [...]

The Emotional Traps To Watch Out For

Psychology of Scams The emotional traps to watch out for Criminals are using age-old techniques to manipulate the way we think and act, leaving us vulnerable to scams. IDCARE counsellor Suli Malet-Warden explains the psychological [...]

Welcome To The Real World

RSN EDITORIAL: Welcome To The Real World Why Doesn't The World Stop Organized Crime Online? This is one of those "Be Careful What You Wish For Moments." Or it could also be described as one of those [...]

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