Stolen Face / Stolen Identity – Achim Post: Have You Seen Him?

Stolen Identity: Do You Know Him? Achim Post Impersonation Victim Frequently used by scammers to fool women! You Have Probably Seen His Photos Before! The real Achim Post is a Member of the German Bundestag Achim Post Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Achim Post, since these are stolen photos used by African Romance Scammers, but he is popular! If you see his photos on social media or on [...]

SCAMMER: Gifty – Abakrampa, Greater Accra, Ghana

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They Call Her “Gifty” Yet Again Same Scams Same Photos This Romance Website Scammer Is: Gifty Abakrampa, Greater Accra, Ghana […]

What Visitors Were Looking [...]

SCAMMER: Karina Ariana Rynaldee 21 New York, NY

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SCAMMER: Karina Ariana 21 New York, NY – tell-tale scammer photo 21 Years Old? We think not! This Romance Website Scammer [...]

SCAMMER: Linda Kay (Lindkay59), 31 / Sara Kay /

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Linda Kay (Lindkay59), 31 / Sara Kay / Still Just As Dumb Another “Native American” This Sweetheart / Dating Scammer Is: Linda Kay [...]

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