Fake Identities

RSN™ Insight: Why We Do What We Do?

RSN™ Insight: Why We Do What We Do? Many have asked why we do not post more photos of scammers on our Main Facebook Pages? (Here & Here) Updated November 2018 The Reason Is Actually A Simple One - But It Has Several Parts: 1) Facebook prohibits harassment or bullying of other people. Ironically, scammers are people, and as such the approach taken in exposing them can get you in trouble with Facebook. This is [...]

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams Online Romance Scam Information About Stolen Soldier Identities Impersonation & Identity Theft Of United States Army Soldiers If You Suspect Someone Then They ARE A Scammer You may have a suspicion about someone you have met online. You may not know it yet but your instincts picked up on something out of place (below we explain the Red Flags in more detail). Go with your [...]

RSN™ Guide: Scammer Fake Profiles

RSN™ Guide: Scammer Fake Profiles A site visitor recently asked about the methods scammers use for fake profiles. A Typical Fake Profiles Will Have: Are all the photos stolen? How do they choose which photos to steal? Are the names all made up? Do they use different names? FAKE PHOTOS Let's talk about the photos used on fake profiles first. They are almost always stolen photos for the African scammers - the exception is when [...]

What Do Victims Believe? #1

What Do Victims Believe? When Asked If They Believe They Were Scammed By The Actual Person In The Photo? 88% understood they were scammed by a Fake Identity, that the photo was stolen and used by scammers. 12% did not understand this. This Matters Because It Shows That 12% Do Not Understand How Scams Work & Obsess On The Face In The Photo! They believe they were scammed by the ACTUAL PERSON in the photo! [...]

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