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Editorial: The Online Dating Industry

Editorial: The Online Dating Industry It is a sad truth that the dating industry continues to turn a blind eye to many of the solutions that could prevent their websites from being polluted with scammers. Image recognition that could recognize previously use faces is but one that would not be hard to implement. Pattern recognition, grammar testing, IP address filtering, repeated use of phone numbers and email addresses, are all things that could be screened [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Anti-Scam Tips: Dating Website Profiles

SCARS|RSN™ Anti-Scam Tips: Dating Website Profiles Updated August 2017 / December 2018 Yes, All Dating Websites Have Scammers! Some Are Drowning In Them! All Dating Websites Are Very High Risk From our own observations, almost all dating websites appear to have a very high percentage of Scammers from Africa and Eastern Europe.  They make up the majority of new profiles on many of the dating websites from what we have seen. Of course, Plenty of Fish [...]

Open Letter To The Online Dating Industry

Dating Websites Live In Denial An Open Letter To The Dating Industry We are often surprised to see just how ambivalent Dating Site operators are about Scammers and Fake profiles! In a recent study conducted by the found that the majority of online daters surveyed (from our 30,000+ visitors per month) is that they no longer believe in online dating, and that ALL dating sites are flooded with fake profiles (scams). […]


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