RSN™ Guest Editorial: Stopping Shame by Jackie Corbett

RSN™ Guest Editorial: Stopping Shame, by Jackie Corbett By Jackie Corbett, Senior SCARS Volunteer & Victim Support Group Manager Let's Stop Shame In Its Tracks? Extend understanding to yourself, no matter how hard it feels. Extend empathy to yourself, no matter how difficult. Extend courtesy and respect and compassion to yourself, no matter how challenging. Shame cannot survive in the presence of understanding, empathy, courtesy, and respect. That's one of the many reasons why therapy [...]

RSN™ Commentary: Change In RSN Editorial Policy

RSN™ Commentary: Change In RSN Editorial Policy This week has been an interesting one on many levels. We have an attack by another anti-scam group supported by Facebook, we had an election that risks our progress against scammers, and one of our employees left our employment over hate and treats we received.   We have always prided ourselves on our transparency, however, from here on out we will not be discussing our Advocacy activities on [...]

SCARS/RSN: Our Opinions

SCARS/RSN: Our Opinions & Our Visitor Comments The opinions expressed on our social media pages, groups, and on our websites are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the publisher of our website, and are protected speech under the laws of the United States of America. If any fraudsters or scammers are offended by our statements, Good On Us, we win! This content is not intended for use by minors and does contain [...]

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