Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria?

Why Do They? Because People Are Dumb The simple answer is that they know that if they sprinkle in a little truth, we will jump right in.   […]

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A Woman’s Perspective About Facebook Scammers

A Woman’s Perspective While this site mostly caters to Male Victims, it is important to remember that women are victimized just as much.  For that reason, we reprint the following: REPRINTED FROM http://www.TransformStressNow.com […]

SCAMMER: Ms Tranko Wall [email protected]

This is a Money Scam But is came through a dating website (LoveAccess). Beware, they are out to get you at every turn! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Ms Tranko [email protected] Purpose <[email protected]> [...]

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria Just Had To Publish This One! OMG – Are We That Stupid? An Honest To God Nigeria 419 [...]

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SCAMMER: Dixon Hillary [email protected]

Dixon Hillary [email protected] – 419 Money Scammer – Photo Probably Stolen Sometimes The Are Just Dumb! This one is using a dating website for a “Business Relationship!” 419 MONEY SCAM!  [...]

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SCAMMER: Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33 [email protected]

Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33 [email protected] – photo stolen Says She’s In Malaysia, But Her IP Address Is From South Africa This one has a more complex story But when you dig, the old [...]

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Scammer: Becky Brad (Juliet) [email protected]

Becky Brad [email protected] – shameless including a child but that’s what they are – photos stolen Wow, this one knows how to use Google Translate! Yep, they have figured out how to scam [...]

Scammer: Mercy J [email protected] (Nanda)

Mercy Again – photo stolen This one is a repeat offender!  Lord Give Us Mercy! See her again here: http://romancescamsnow.com/romance-scams/scammer-mercy/   She Is: Mercy J (Nanda)[email protected] […]

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Scammer: Ricool Rita Oliver [email protected]

Ricool Rita Oliver [email protected] – photo probably stolen Nigerians Are The Best! They are so smooth and write so flawlessly most of the time, but they always make the same mistakes.  Takes all [...]

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Scammer: Dabria Evans from Norway [email protected] [email protected]

Dabria Evans from Norway [email protected] [email protected] They Leave No Stone Unturned, and No Country Un Touched! This one is from Norway – Ya Sure! She Is: Dabria [email protected]@yahoo.com […]

419 Money Scammer! Mrs. Barbara Briggs & Cynthia [email protected]

Mrs. Barabara – Nigerian 419 Scammer – photo probably stolen Oh Give Me A Break!  Money Scams! Do They Never Learn?  This is On An Actual Dating Website! SHE IS: Mrs. Barbara Briggs [...]

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