Another Kind Of Ghana Scam

Our Friends In Ghana Are Creative Unfortunately, Too Many Westerners Are Stupid We are always surprised that these stupid scams work, but sadly they do. Here is their latest money scam: The way it works is they ask for your catalog of products that your company makes or sells.  Then they place and order for [...]

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Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria?

Why Do They? Because People Are Dumb The simple answer is that they know that if they sprinkle in a little truth, we will jump right in.   […]

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A Woman’s Perspective About Facebook Scammers

A Woman’s Perspective While this site mostly caters to Male Victims, it is important to remember that women are victimized just as much.  For that reason, we reprint the following: REPRINTED FROM http://www.TransformStressNow.com […]

SCAMMER: Ms Tranko Wall [email protected]

This is a Money Scam But is came through a dating website (LoveAccess). Beware, they are out to get you at every turn! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Ms Tranko [email protected] Purpose <[email protected]> […]

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria Just Had To Publish This One! OMG – Are We That Stupid? An Honest To God Nigeria 419 Money Scam! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Heather Cromwell, [email protected]+1 (810) 522-4195 [Michigan Number]Living in Buffalo, New York / Nigeria [...]

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SCAMMER: Miss Henin

Email Romantic Scammer This one uses the old Nigerian approach of spam email. Be careful with these, as the Nigerian and Brazilian fraudsters now use local agents to come and blackmail you (based upon police data in Europe and the U.S.) This Romance Website Scammer Is: Miss [email protected] Address:  Brazil (bounced through Germany) [...]

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SCAMMER: Dixon Hillary [email protected]

Dixon Hillary [email protected] – 419 Money Scammer – Photo Probably Stolen Sometimes The Are Just Dumb! This one is using a dating website for a “Business Relationship!” 419 MONEY SCAM!  Yes they still do these, and make money at it too! This Scammer Is: Dixon [email protected]   […]

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SCAMMER: Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33 [email protected]

Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33 [email protected] – photo stolen Says She’s In Malaysia, But Her IP Address Is From South Africa This one has a more complex story But when you dig, the old familiar items emerge: Dead Parent(s), Trapped In A Country, Want’s To Return Home. This Romance Website Scammer Is: Joy Adams [...]

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Scammer: Becky Brad (Juliet) [email protected]

Becky Brad [email protected] – shameless including a child but that’s what they are – photos stolen Wow, this one knows how to use Google Translate! Yep, they have figured out how to scam in multiple languages! She is: Becky Brad (also goes by Juliet)[email protected] Address #2:  [https://ipdb.at/ip/] She is using proxy services all [...]

Scammer: Mercy J [email protected] (Nanda)

Mercy Again – photo stolen This one is a repeat offender!  Lord Give Us Mercy! See her again here: http://romancescamsnow.com/romance-scams/scammer-mercy/   She Is: Mercy J (Nanda)[email protected] […]

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Scammer: Ricool Rita Oliver [email protected]

Ricool Rita Oliver [email protected] – photo probably stolen Nigerians Are The Best! They are so smooth and write so flawlessly most of the time, but they always make the same mistakes.  Takes all the fun out of it! So this one is: RicoolRita OliverLos Angeles, [email protected] […]

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Scammer: Dabria Evans from Norway [email protected] [email protected]

Dabria Evans from Norway [email protected] [email protected] They Leave No Stone Unturned, and No Country Un Touched! This one is from Norway – Ya Sure! She Is: Dabria [email protected]@yahoo.com […]

419 Money Scammer! Mrs. Barbara Briggs & Cynthia [email protected]

Mrs. Barabara – Nigerian 419 Scammer – photo probably stolen Oh Give Me A Break!  Money Scams! Do They Never Learn?  This is On An Actual Dating Website! SHE IS: Mrs. Barbara Briggs & [email protected] […]

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