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Scammers Are Creatures Of Habit

And not very smart much of the time, especially the Ghana Scammers! These can be really dumb, though they are smarter than many of their victims.

So be smart are watch out for these:

  • Lady – anytime any woman calls herself a Lady in a profile watch out
  • Native American – any profile that has this as their ethnicity is automatically a warning – they don’t know what this really means. Should we tell them?
  • Never Married – by itself this is not a red flag, but it is a clue, so be alert for other clues – especially someone in their 30’s or older
  • Age – compare the age in the profile to the apparent age of the person in the photos – for example, someone in their 30’s doesn’t look 19 – yet our African friends typically chose younger girl’s photos
  • Income – compare the person’s income, profession, and education – they really don’t know how these tie together
  • No Children – 98% of the time, the person will not have children – look at their age – odds of someone in their 30’s with children is high – so this is another clue!
  • God Fearing – instant red flag – other than the Amish, who talks like this?
  • Down To Earth / Down To Heart – instant red flag – ok, some people are down to earth, but does anyone say that in a real profile? Down to Heart – is pure scammer grammar!
  • Searching For Age Range – come on, be real, what 20 something is looking for guys 45 to 77? It just doesn’t happen unless you are worth $50+ Million!
  • I love the nature – maybe, but Google translate was at work here! So is she really from the mid-west and needs a translator? We think not!
  • Am New Here – duh! If you are you don’t say it, so why say it – because they THINK it makes them sound more innocent – always a red flag
  • Usa – can’t even spell the name of the country right!
  • i – lower case “i” – these are major red flags – it shows that they don’t care about quality just quantity – the scammers have to throw out thousands of messages a day to get their expected haul – speed is more important than punctuation
  • Gray Eyes – are extremely rare, but they wouldn’t know that – this is a red flag – they try to guess the eye color from the photo, and being Africans can’t tell blue from gray.
  • I will like to know – this is a common misuse of the phrase and a solid clue
  • Graduate degree – here again, they don’t really know what this means – let’s not tell them
  • Mixed Race – aren’t we all? when they say this, it is Ghana speak for I’m really African and in Ghana and I want your money!
  • Hard Work / Hard Working – in Africa this is a must have in a wife – no one says this in the West
  • Cooking – also a big deal for Africans – her we go out.
  • No spaces after commas, or odd spacing – yet in profile text it was perfect
  • No Punctuation at end of paragraph – meaning it was cut and pasted
  • Honest – no one introduces themselves as being honest – if they do, they are not!

By the way, in case you were wondering if we are just teaching them to do better – this website automatically blocks all traffic from Ghana and Nigeria.

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Keith Castillo

You should block the Philippines I was scam by one there and had many messages from people who they are from there and wanted me to send money by western union.


Good information. I’d add to that, terrible writing skills(really bad use of the english language). Practically have to decipher what’s been written. Another is, one or no parents living when asked about them. Typical answer they died in a car accident and I live with my aunt, grandmother or uncle…sure they do.

Danny Lee Davis Jr

I just wanted to say that several of the clues you list are things I actually DO have in my profile, and am definitely no scammer. Sounds like you’re making judgements based on a jaded point of view. Just saying.