Romance Scammers Photos – Gallery :: Page Thirty Three

///Romance Scammers Photos – Gallery :: Page Thirty Three
Romance Scammers Photos – Gallery :: Page Thirty Three 2017-08-07T05:37:36+00:00

Know Anyone Here?

Scammer Photos From Ghana / Nigeria / South Africa / Russia / Ukraine / Philippines and more?

Page ONE

Please Remember, these photos were all stolen from real people and does not mean the people pictured are the scammers – they are victims too.

But these are photos the scammers use, and can help identify the scammers profiles on dating websites.

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Joyce Thompson
I’ve been talking with someone online Bill Black only photo he has is an Harley Davidson icon with fire around it fb, all he has are women as friends…continues to give me excuses for no pictures given to me as well as why he hasn’t video cam me..says he can only message me at work from his jobs pc, Im getting very suspious of him all he wants are nude photos from me in the name of ” love”!! Can anyone check into this person and see if he’s being real or trying to scam me in a different kind… Read more »
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