Dating Scammer Email Addresses: – Page 3a

///Dating Scammer Email Addresses: – Page 3a
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Updated September 5, 2015

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Don't Confront Or Accuse Dating Scammers

ANTI-SCAMMER TIP: If you find an email you are looking for in this list


We do not want to alert them that we know they are scammers.
Either play along with them, or just go silent on them.
This website blocks all African IP addresses so we do not teach them to be better scammers.
Please don’t teach them to be better scammers yourself!

Also don’t report them to Yahoo or Google, they will just create a new email!

Because of the size of these lists, they are broken down by type or provider.

If you find an email address from a scammer, please send it to us, so we can help others being scammed.

Use our Report Scammer Form, send us an email, or leave it in a comment – PLEASE!

These lists will be updated frequently. These addresses include both “Male” and “Female” scammers.

Why do we list scammers like we do? Because, the fact is, it doesn’t matter what they say, or how they say it! That’s just entertainment value. What matters is that you can find and confirm they are a Scammer
To find an email address – use CTRL-F

and enter just the part before the number (if the email you are looking for contains a number) or the part before the @


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Gmail Dating Scammers Emails

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Email Addresses are entered in the order of discovery


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Is there [email protected] list in the scammer?


Is there any record of “[email protected]” as a scammer