Scammer Email Address Lists

The following are lists of scammer email addresses from around the world believed to be in use by Dating Scammers, Romance Scammers, Love Scammers, and Sweetheart Scammers from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Liberia, South Africa, Philippines, and other countries. 



This is one of those OMG Moments when you see each list! And trust us, this is not complete at all, but we are committed to expanding it as new scammers are encounters or reported.

The scope of romance fraud is so large that it just knocks you down when you see something like this. As a developer of dating sites in the past, the entire system has become overrun with scammers and frauds. Only the fully paid sites that do strong psychological profiling have it under control or eliminate. There are no safe FREE sites, and even most of the mainstream paid sites that offer free trials, are also polluted with scammer profiles. This truly is a tragedy.

Romance Scammer Email Address Catalogs:

  1. Men/Male Romance Scammer Email Addresses »

  2. Major Dating Scammer Email Addresses 

    1. Facebook & Social Media Email Addresses »

    2. Email Addresses » | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

    3. Email Addresses » | Page 2 | Page 3a

    4. & Email Addresses »

    5. & Email Addresses »

    6. & Email Addresses »

  3. Canadian (.CA) Love Scammer Email Addresses »

  4. Latin American Sweetheart Scammer Email Addresses »

  5. Asia Pacific & India Dating Scammer Email Addresses »

  6. African Ghana & Nigeria Scammer Email Addresses »

  7. Western European Scammer Email Addresses »

  8. Eastern European Russia & Ukraine Romance Scammer Email Addresses »

  9. Top Level Domains – by Country – Reference List »


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