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Scammer Email Address Lists

The following are lists of scammer email addresses from around the world believed to be in use by Dating Scammers, Romance Scammers, Love Scammers, and Sweetheart Scammers from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Liberia, South Africa, Philippines, and other countries. 


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This is one of those OMG Moments when you see each list! And trust us, this is not complete at all, but we are committed to expanding it as new scammers are encounters or reported.

The scope of romance fraud is so large that it just knocks you down when you see something like this. As a developer of dating sites in the past, the entire system has become overrun with scammers and frauds. Only the fully paid sites that do strong psychological profiling have it under control or eliminate. There are no safe FREE sites, and even most of the mainstream paid sites that offer free trials, are also polluted with scammer profiles. This truly is a tragedy.

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  1. Linda February 17, 2017 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    [email protected] Name: Jon Scott Langerson ? aeronautical engineer

    • Christina August 13, 2017 at 11:15 am - Reply

      What do you know about Jon Langerson I have been communicating with him. I just found the site with the same email address and career . Please let me know as soon as possible.

  2. Anonymous August 14, 2016 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    Could you please guys check this email for me if he is [email protected]

  3. Demari Henry July 29, 2016 at 11:10 am - Reply

    Could you guys check this email for me. [email protected] I have tried many ways to rat this one out but I ask for her to do certain things in a picture she actually does them. For example I told her to take a picture of her with her tongue out and she actually did. I know she might be a scam but she's hard to crack. Need help plz!!! She also told me that she had a money in her name too and ages supposed to be moving in with me tomorrow night. I strongly believe she's a Nigerian sweet scam. Plz help me before its too late!!!

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team July 31, 2016 at 2:25 am - Reply

      did you do a google search?

  4. Tara June 17, 2016 at 5:20 am - Reply

    I need your help my best friend believes she's in love with a man named James Kent swears he's in the military but in Africa and she's sent him money a few times and a new phone and gifts. Every time he's supposed to be coming home he has a random reason why normally because she needs to send more money and or he was robbed and more ? Please help me help her she's been talking to this guy now over 5 months. She has lost her car even because she sent her car payment money to him. His email is [email protected] ? Plz help me get answers for her ASAP

  5. Marilou Barrett June 12, 2016 at 10:36 am - Reply

    could you tell me if these emails are scammers?

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  6. Leah foggitt May 31, 2016 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    Hi . I was just wondering if you can search this email address for me please .
    US [email protected]
    The person is general Raymond T ordierno.
    The person I have been talking to is staff Sergent Roland mcgregor Joseph .
    Based in Hawaii. .
    Also please . Look up Laura fuller .
    City mooresville .state Indiana. Country USA. Zip code 46158 .
    I am supposed to send $420 aud to this person for leave papers . My name is Leah foggitt I live in Australia . Please email me the results asap .
    My email address is .
    [email protected] .
    Kind regards .
    Leah foggitt

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team June 1, 2016 at 10:48 am - Reply

      That is not a working email address. Did you do a Google search first? If you suspect it is a scam, you already know the answer right? With that email OF COURSE it is a scam.

  7. Anonymous January 26, 2016 at 10:32 am - Reply

    My last conversation with my true love

    Melissa Morrison:‎ I have a business on the table which could benefit both of us...
    Melissa Morrison:‎ If you do not mind i can bring out.
    Me:‎ what is it
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Oh okay for me i came online to meet someone to be with the rest of my life..and i always say i want to meet with the right man..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ I always say that because i have to get married in order to claim to my Dads inheritance he left for me.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ And the reason why i am saying married first is because that is the tradition here..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ For a girl to inherit something she should have a man with him
    Melissa Morrison:‎ That is another reason why i am on here..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Hope you understand what i am trying to say?
    Me:‎ tell me
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Yeah i just told you about it
    Melissa Morrison:‎ and it is worth almost 1.5 million dollars
    Me:‎ good for you.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Yeah But i will be able to claim that unless i am married first
    Melissa Morrison:‎ And i am telling you this because i want to do this with you
    Melissa Morrison:‎ We have talking for sometime now and i am telling you so we claim what is mine and live a good life..You and I..
    Me:‎ I believe we have been talking 7 days.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Yes
    Me:‎ That is a short time to trust a guy with that much money
    Melissa Morrison:‎ You sure..I am really tired of living a boring life with no man in my life
    Melissa Morrison:‎ and you are the only man i have been talking to and that is why i am telling you about it
    Melissa Morrison:‎ So what do you think about that
    Melissa Morrison:‎ ??
    Me:‎ So you want to send me a ticket, I fly down, we get married and then you get the money.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ First,I will be the person to come over and then marry you and then we both come back and claim it
    Me:‎ Okay
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Yes
    Me:‎ When can I pick you up
    Melissa Morrison:‎ My internet bundle could finish anytime from now.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ anytime..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Depends on you
    Me:‎ Sure send the ticket and I will be there.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ But now i have to pay for the tickets and for now i dont have the means to do that yet.
    Me:‎ but if all that money is waiting then someone there will lend that small amount to you.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ so when we claim everything we will live happily ever after
    Melissa Morrison:‎ who will do that for me now?
    Me:‎ I don't know. You must have a lot of friends down there that understand. Even offer them 3X the amount they invest.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ so when we claim everything we will live happily ever after
    Melissa Morrison:‎ who will do that for me now?
    Me:‎ I don't know. You must have a lot of friends down there that understand. Even offer them 3X the amount they invest.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Told you i do not have friends..I have only one friend that is Melissa..That is all
    Melissa Morrison:‎ do you mind helping me out with that so i come over and do what is necessary to claim my inheritance
    Me:‎ What do I need to do?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Just give me the ticket money so i come over there so we get married and then claim and go back together..
    Me:‎ That sounds easy
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Yes
    Me:‎ Where do I send money?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ western union or money gram.
    Me:‎ What address
    Melissa Morrison:‎ It doesnt need an address
    Me:‎ How about I send the ticket instead.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Just want to get a passport first..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ so then later i get the ticket..
    Me:‎ You have to say who the the money goes to.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Yes.
    elissa Morrison:‎ That is all they will need when you go to back
    Melissa Morrison:‎ bank
    Me:‎ If you don't wwant to give me your street address then you must not be interested in doing this to bad.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Street address
    Me:‎ You are not interested. Too bad. it might have worked.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ If i werent interested i wont have told you about it
    Melissa Morrison:‎ But there is nothing like that here in Ghana and that is why..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ COUNTRY Ghana
    Me:‎ If you were interested you would tell me where to send the money. JUst saying accara is not enough. There has to be some way they can find you.
    Me:‎ HOw do you tell someone where you live?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ When you send me the money i will go and receive it at any bank
    Me:‎ Mellisa could go pick it up
    Me:‎ Is there only one bank in the whole country
    Melissa Morrison:‎ No but you can go and receive it any bamk
    Melissa Morrison:‎ bank
    Me:‎ how do they know its yours?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ you will be given an MTCN number and you will give it to me and then i will use that to receive the money
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Hope you do understand me?
    Me:‎ You should call your friend melissa. She has more experience defrauding poor lonely old men. She knows how to steal with this marriage - western union scam..Your name pops up quite often on the web pages I thought you had more experience than that. I have been laughing at you all this time. I will pass the word and all this communications to the legal professionals You are aware that there are several sites men can go and get information about scammer scum like you. You also know I will be posting all this to those web sites. I hope nobody you have cheated will come looking for you with bad intentions.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ you will be given an MTCN number and you will give it to me and then i will use that to receive the money
    Melissa Morrison:‎ that is what you have in mind
    Melissa Morrison:‎ me being a scam
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Lol
    Melissa Morrison:‎ very funny
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Do you have a camera
    Melissa Morrison:‎ so you get to see me so we talk
    Me:‎ yes. I knew it would be 7 days till you asked me for money. Your name and picture pops up on several scam sites.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ I have nothing to even prove to you
    Melissa Morrison:‎ You can check on the sites and see if you will a picture of me
    Me:‎ HOw much do you steal in a year?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ How insulting of you to say that to me
    Me:‎ You sent me a pic of you giving the peace sign. The pic taken a moment before or a moment after is online.
    Me:‎ How insulting to try and steal my money.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ what is online
    Melissa Morrison:‎ my pictures onine
    Melissa Morrison:‎ online
    Melissa Morrison:‎ see what you are trying to say
    Me:‎ on the internet.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ On the internet
    Melissa Morrison:‎ can you give me the link so i get to see you
    Me:‎ everybody say online meaning internet
    Melissa Morrison:‎ so i also get to see it
    Melissa Morrison:‎ i dont get you
    Melissa Morrison:‎ is it my picture on the internet or what people are saying?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ which one is it
    Me:‎ You aren't worth my effort. You want me to help you and you are trying to steal my money?
    Melissa Morrison:‎ because i do not think my picture will there
    Melissa Morrison:‎ because i am real..
    Melissa Morrison:‎ me wanting to steal your money
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Hahahaha
    Melissa Morrison:‎ why will i do that
    Me:‎ You are a good actress.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Me i am good actress
    Melissa Morrison:‎ I never knew you will come up here and insult me like this
    Me:‎ All the shit you are typing now is just acting.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Oh okay if that what you think
    Melissa Morrison:‎ after all i have nothing to prove to you
    Me:‎ I knew you would insult me and try to get me to send you money
    Melissa Morrison:‎ That is what you had in mind
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Your money will not do me anything
    Me:‎ It was a game. You just didn't know I was playing too.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ For a fact
    Melissa Morrison:‎ I dont have that in mind because i am free minded person
    Melissa Morrison:‎ just dont think negative about someone
    Melissa Morrison:‎ that is it
    Melissa Morrison:‎ I do not have anything to prove to you
    Melissa Morrison:‎ What will your money do to me?
    Me:‎ You have no money. All you have is what you can do to scam guys into sending you money
    Melissa Morrison:‎ please okay
    Melissa Morrison:‎ The case here is not i do not have to money to come over there
    Melissa Morrison:‎ i want to see the kind of man you are
    Me:‎ Melissa is a lot easier to find on a web search. You don't quite have her reputation yet.
    Melissa Morrison:‎ and you failed
    Me:‎ I won
    Melissa Morrison:‎ Hahaha
    Melissa Morrison:‎ you are funny
    Me:‎ and you didn't get any money out of me
    Melissa Morrison:‎ because you are not worth mine
    Melissa Morrison:‎ either
    Me:‎ scam till you get caught.

    • Tim September 24, 2017 at 10:46 pm - Reply

      Sounds familiar. I went through something similar. Took longer, but same effect. Romantic scam. Ended when I wouldn't send money. Watch out for Star_mar on aka Mariana Ladwig, supposedly with a brother Robert Ladwig in Oregon, WI.

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