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David Boyd

Has anyone been approached by someone called Rachael Ann who claims she is the pornstar formerly known as BiBi Jones/britney Beth?

Blanche Faith Aquino Amaba, aka: Blanche Amaba, Faith Aquino, Faith Amaba, Ann Amaba, Ang Amaba, Freyba Faith, Jandii Lim, Jandii Meing Lim, Faithron Freyba, Blanche Faith A. Amaba. She incorporates her whole family into her scams. They will back up her stories etc. Father: Fernando Amaba Mother: Reuley Joy Aquino Amaba brother: Friendy Boy Amaba She is 17 yrs old and scams foreign men for large amounts of money across the life of her scam on each unsuspecting man. She will tell them she is going to marry them and they in return get nude photos of her and the… Read more »
Robert Hall

Mary Dennis pics are Barbera Annan pics she studied at Ramms nurcing college in Accra Ghana she sent me this 4 years ago to prove who she really was and her passport pics to,she sells her pics to other people so they can use them on line to hustle now and then she will video chat with me but if she video chats and their is no sound its a recording ,a lot of them from Ghana do that now


Beware of Anita Johnson. Romance scammer. Gets you to like her, asks for small amounts of money at first, then bigger amounts. Claims her father left her millions in gold bars or so the story goes. She sent me pictures, very attractive. She had mentioned she had a nick name. Looked into a porn site and her nick name pulled up lots of pictures, some of which were the pictures she had sent me as pictures of her.


The last 2 photo’s show [email protected] is photo’s of porn star Brianna Lee. I’ve spoken to her many times. She’s often tried to get me to send her money for her nude photo’s but I refused. She also has a account on the website Tango under her name Brianna Lee.