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Note: This is not a medically approved program, but an emotional support program intended for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the end.

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Many of you are still very angry, and some have lost all faith that anything will change.

However, things are getting better in the world. Of course you will not hear that anywhere else.

It is just an incredibly a messy process. Particularly because it requires tearing down a lot of the nonsense that was built up over the last 10 years. The last 10 years, by the amazing lack of law enforcement, allowed scammer and criminal organizations to explode in size.

Few did anything about enforcing the international law that did exist, and there were few new initiatives.

Since the beginning of the year however, there has been three new Presidential Executive Orders, new initiatives and programs, and new laws going through Congress, placing pressure on these criminals in ways never before seen. Enforcement has increased by several thousand percent.

Cybercrime has now moved into the public's full awareness and governments around the world are shining a spotlight on it, unlike in the previous U.S. administration where "do nothing to upset anyone" was their model. To stop this level of global organized crime, you cannot be afraid to offend a few nationalities.

You also have to remove the corruption in government on both sides, which is being done. The fact that an acting U.S. Secretary of State's husband accepted millions of dollars, while she was developing sanctions against these countries is criminal, especially since the sanctions were never put in place as a result.

In Western Africa, they are beginning to understand that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. In the last few months we have seen new initiatives and new governmental bodies formed in countries like Ghana and Nigeria to combat corruption. They now know that their entire financial future is on the line.

Money is a weapon, as you discovered first hand when it was used against you. For the first time in decades it is now being used against the Scammer Nations too, As evidenced by Ghana's recent surprise announcement to sign the Budapest Convention (or risk losing American Foreign Aid).

So while things are changing slowly, but they are at least changing in the right direction.

Make sure that you are also contributing in your way. Support SCARS by becoming a member (it's free), and use your voice to promote the right initiatives that actually work. Spread the word to everyone who will listen, the more you tell about these crimes, the fewer victims there will be. This is not the time for fear or timidity.

As always, we will be here to help in every way we can. After 26 years, we are not ready to give up yet!

Facebook photo

We would like to ask each of you your opinion.

Please read this article.

Then think about your experience going through and ending your scam relationship.

Most of you were in/are in grief.

Many of you have recovered well.

Think about the argument made in the article.

Was it better to help you move on, or allow you to continue in your grief as the article suggests.

Or does it not apply to scams at all since these were never real people?

What do you think?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you never visit our actual Facebook page, and just rely on posts coming through your Facebook news feed, you are missing 90% of our information and wasting your time. Same is true of our websites.

You put in the work with your scammer. Just imagine how many hours you spent letting the scammer scam you. Hundreds of hours at the very least, wouldn't you say?

Now you are only willing to put in a few minutes? Expecting someone to save you?

It just doesn't happen that way.

The money is gone, and unrecoverable in almost all cases.

You will never know who the scammer really is, because they work in teams, and it really doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter to your recovery who the scammer is - it is a giant machine that scams a million people a year.

You need to accept these simple facts.

You may not like or accept that, but if that is true, then that is your real problem.

This may sound very judgmental, and it is, but you got yourself into this mess, and you will have to get yourself out of it. It is that simple, it is the harsh truth of your situation. Sugar coating only enables you to continue your dangerous behavior.

If you want to be safe online and avoid scammers in the future, you need to make as much effort as you did getting scammed.

In both cases it was under your control.

There are no casual scam victims, and there are no casual scam survivors.

If you don't make the effort, you will stay an angry victim for much longer, delaying your recovery - making yourself and those around you that much more miserable.

The process of recovery is well understand by professionals.

You have to go through a process:

1. Accept the fact of the scam

2. Accept your role in the scam

3. Accept that you will never get all the answers

4. Accept that you control your recovery

5. Accept that they is life after the scam

Make the effort and learn what you need to know. And just as importantly, learn who you can trust and who you cannot trust. To start with trust no one, and work from there.

Only you can save yourself from yourself. Scammers only exist because people do not make the effort to learn. Ignorance is your greatest weakness, and the scammers greatest strength.

Like in all things, most of the information out there is fake or spun by amateurs that have no idea what they are doing. Being a victim does NOT make you an expert. Become an expert - read - learn - understand. Put in the time.

But while all of that is going on, shift your focus from the scammer - they don't really matter to you. What matters is your own sanity. YOU need to recover psychologically and emotionally so that you can function safely in the future. If you are trapped in yet another obsession or in rage, that helps no one, least of all you,

Think of it like this: You took your parents car without learning to drive or getting a license, because you thought you knew enough. You got in a terrible accident, and you are now only blaming the other driver. Regardless, you were responsible for putting yourself in that situation. Now you want to stalk the other driver, when what you should be doing is learning to drive.

It sounds simple, but you need to learn what being online is really all about and how to be safe in the future.

Right now you need to Report Your Scammer | Block Your Scammers | And Move on.

Report your scammer to: your local police, your national police, and or - This helps you community understand what is going on, your national police watch for the scammers crossing boarders, and Project Anyscam is an international network of reporting portals that display scammers on over 800 locations, on websites and social media, to governments and law enforcement, on dating websites, and so much more.

You gave the scammer so much of your time allowing yourself to be fooled, now you need to put in the time to prevent yourself from being the fool again.

We have been here for years, and there is a wealth of information. Use it. Make the effort.

We are not here to feed your anger, or show you an endless stream of fake faces - that's all a waste of our time and yours.

We are here to help you learn and recover.

Nothing else matters.

Please let us know if you have questions? But report scammers properly using the report forms on or on

Thank you

Tom Borman,
Managing Director,
Romance Scams Now
a division of SCARS

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