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FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION OVERTURNS OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ON FTC RESTRICTIONS AGAINST INTERNET ENFORCEMENT! EDITOR'S NOTE: The Obama Administration significantly tied the hands of government regulators in policing and protecting users of the Internet. This marks the 6th [...]


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapters 3 & 4 It's All About The Scammers CHAPTER THREE: POSTING SCAMMER PHOTOS One of the things you notice immediately with most "anti-scam" groups on Facebook or on their websites [...]

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS – Chapters 0, 1, & 2

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS CHAPTER ZERO: INTRODUCTION This Week We Are Going To Start A New Series Called: " SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS " The lies and half truths that many amateur anti-scammers and groups tell victims to [...]


Call For Government Investigation Into Facebook Fakes For years Facebook has hidden the true extent of the number of fake subscribers (profiles) on their social media platform. The value of Facebook as a business is, [...]

Facebook Hides The Number Of Fake Profiles

Facebook finally admits it has nearly 270 million active Facebook accounts are copies or clones In the fine print of Facebook’s impressive third-quarter earnings report are two crucial statistics that tell the real story behind the social [...]

An interesting and horrifying concept [Video]

We would like to introduce an interesting and horrifying concept. What if Facebook's algorithms are actually steering victims to scammers right now? The incredibly brilliant sociologist Zeynep Tufekci explains how these algorithms are already controlling [...]


RSN COMMENTARY ABOUT LEARNING AND RECOVERY What Are You Doing? If you never visit our actual Facebook page, and just rely on posts coming through your Facebook news feed, you are missing 90% of our [...]

Financial Fraud Crime Victims

Financial Fraud Crime Victims & the United States Department of Justice U.S. Attorney's Role As the victim of a federal fraud crime, you may suffer financial and emotional harm and even medical problems relating to [...]

The Four Truths Of Romance Scams

Let's Take A Moment And Discuss The Hardest Subject - The Truth When it comes to Romance Scams there is no ONE TRUTH There are actually FOUR TRUTHS   The Victim's Truth The Scammer's Truth [...]

RSN STEPS™ – Our FREE Self-Help Scam Victim Recovery Program

The RSN Steps™ – Free Recovery Program

A Free 8 Step Program For Recovery From Online Fraud
The Romance Scams Now™ Road Map To Recovery For Scam Victims.

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RSN Steps™ FREE Scam Victim Recovery Program from Romance Scams Now™ a SCARS™ Approved Program

This program was designed by the staff of Romance Scams Now based upon our 26 years of experience as a self-help program to assist in the recovery process for those that do not have other means or resources available to them, or for those that are not ready to take the first step to seeking counseling or therapy.

Note: This is not a medically approved program, but an emotional support program intended for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the end.

RSN Guide To Recognizing Real United States Military & Soldiers

RSN™ Guide: United States Military & Social Media

So much of the information spread around about scammers and fake military is nothing but urban legend. False information, misinterpretation, or rumors spread like lice in a preschool. This article will help to clear up many of these preconceptions that are nothing but urban legends, and replace them with fact.


Yes, the United States has military personnel in EVERY country on Earth (except a handful). Most of these are assigned to United States Embassies, however there are active military missions in over 100 countries – mostly fighting terrorists around the globe. Not since World War 2 has there been deployment of United States and NATO forces in more counties.

Find the information you need to know if someone is real or fake here.

Click Here To Learn More »

RSN Family Guide To Scam Victims Interventions

The RSN Family’s Guide To Intervening With A Victim In Denial

One of the great tragedies is having a friend or family member trapped in a romance scam who will not believe what others see. They are trapped so deeply in the scam that they refuse to see the truth. This guide will help you with the options available to you, and ways to try to convince the victim of the truth that is so obvious to you and their family or friends.

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Due to a recent batch of false reports by site visitors, we have turned off the display of Reported Scammer Information until we are able to clean out these false reports or otherwise verify this information.

Thank you for your understanding while this operation is being performed.

RSN’s Latest Articles

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim This Is One Of Those Things That No One Will Tell You To Your Face! Every day we are contacted by hundreds of victims - sometimes more than [...]

Saving Scammers’ Current Victims

Saving Scammers' Current Victims It Starts With You! Victims are everywhere! Scammers are everywhere! When you find a scammer profile you will see people commenting or friending that profile. These are men or women who [...]

Are We Real?

A HATER JUST CALLED US FAKE! Our Official Response Unlike incompetent scam haters this or captain that or police team group something else, RSN's Team has been working against scammers for 27 years - since [...]

Scam Baiting Is A Waste Of Time

Why Do People Scam Bait? Let's start with the basic problem. Victims want to regain control. When a person is scammed, especially a romance scam, they lose control. The scammer was in control and when [...]

Why Don’t Scam Victims Report Scams?

Why Don't People Report Crimes to the Police? The leading reason people don't report crimes to the police is that they are either afraid, ashamed, or handle the matter in another way, such as report [...]


WATCH OUT FOR PRO-DATERS Local Romance Scammers The pro-dater differs from the other romance scams in their method of operation; a face-to-face meeting actually does take place in the scammer's country but is devoted solely [...]

Scammer Threats

Being Threatened By Scammers Many of you have been subject to threats from scammers. Many are still afraid. Just remember that scammers are liars - first, last, and everything in between. They lie about everything, [...]


Never be afraid of offending someone or being judgmental! These are survival traits One of the reasons that people become victims is their fear of offending. Being afraid to slam the door in someone's face. [...]


DO YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY FROM SCAMMERS? HERE IS AN ANTI-SCAMMER EXPERIMENT For this experiment you will need: A NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT - Go to and create a new Gmail email address [...]

International Relationships Are Dead!

International Relationships Are Dead! It is no longer safe to contemplate a long distance relationship! One of the amazing things about the Internet was how it allowed us to connect with amazing people around the world. [...]

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