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Why Don’t Scam Victims Report Scams?

Why Don't People Report Crimes to the Police? The leading reason people don't report crimes to the police is that they are either afraid, ashamed, or handle the matter in another way, such as report [...]


Editorials & Opinions On Scamming ACCUSATIONS AGAINST PERSONS IN STOLEN PHOTOS For some time, there have been a number of die-hard believers in the idea that all, or most of the people in the stolen [...]


URGENT SCAM ALERT - READ & SHARE WITH EVERYONE WESTERN UNION REFUND / RECOVERY SCAM Scammers are copying the FTC / Western Union Recovery website, as well as calling previous victims pretending to be part [...]

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RSN STEPS™ – Our FREE Self-Help Scam Victim Recovery Program

The RSN Steps™ – Free Recovery Program

A Free 8 Step Program For Recovery From Online Fraud
The Romance Scams Now™ Road Map To Recovery For Scam Victims.

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RSN Steps™ FREE Scam Victim Recovery Program from Romance Scams Now™ a SCARS™ Approved Program

This program was designed by the staff of Romance Scams Now based upon our 26 years of experience as a self-help program to assist in the recovery process for those that do not have other means or resources available to them, or for those that are not ready to take the first step to seeking counseling or therapy.

Note: This is not a medically approved program, but an emotional support program intended for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the end.

RSN Family Guide To Scam Victims Interventions

The RSN Family’s Guide To Intervening With A Victim In Denial

One of the great tragedies is having a friend or family member trapped in a romance scam who will not believe what others see. They are trapped so deeply in the scam that they refuse to see the truth. This guide will help you with the options available to you, and ways to try to convince the victim of the truth that is so obvious to you and their family or friends.

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RSN’s Latest Articles


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapter 9 Victims Are Stupid? Actually, scam victims may have done something dumb, but they are almost never stupid! In fact, the vast majority of romance scams victims are above average [...]

Scammer’s Favorite: Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder

You Know This Guy! Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder  German Popular Singer You Have Seen His Photos Before! Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder, [...]

Scammer’s Favorite: Mia Malkova

You Know This Girl! Mia Malkova Eastern European Adult/Porn Model You Have Seen Her Photos Before! Mia Malkova Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Mia Malkova, since these [...]

RSN Guide To Family Interventions

RSN Guide For Relatives Of Scam Victims In Total Denial Why Do Some People Refuse To Get It? INTRODUCTION This guide is intended for family members of scam victims that are in denial and refuse to [...]


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapter 8 Who Is Responsible For Scamming? We constantly hear from victims that say that someone (pick a person) is responsible for global scamming! Unfortunately, yes, there are many who are [...]


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapter 7 Nothing Is Being Done? We constantly hear from victims that say that no one is doing anything, or that nothing is being done! Unfortunately, it can certainly seem that [...]

New RSN Website Record

New RSN Website Record 4,090,880 Visitor Website Views In The Last 12 Months - February 2017 Through January 2018 We Would Like To Thank Our Website Visitors! We Sincerely Appreciate The Trust You Place In [...]


THE RSN GUIDE TO SEXTORTION This Guide Is Intended For Teens, Young Adults, and Adults ARE YOU A VICTIM OF SEXTORTION? GET HELP. REPORT IT. NOW! This Is A Serious Crime, and Police WILL Understand. [...]


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS: CHAPTER 6 Scammers Are All Alike Scammer Urban Legends: All Scammers Are Nigerian Most victims and the public, in general, have a mistaken idea that all scammers are from one region. It [...]


SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapter 5 Scammer Threats & Blackmail CHAPTER FIVE: The Threats Scammers Make SCAMMER THREATS AND BLACKMAIL - ARE THEY REAL? After you have been scammed, a multitude of feelings are going [...]

Congratulations American Democratic Party!

Congratulations American Democratic Party! You have shut down all United States Government Anti-Scam Activities! While this may be a small shut down, the disruptive effect will last for months to come. This exercise of gross [...]

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Have You Ever Reported A Scammer On (The SCARS Worldwide Network)?

Have You Reported Your Scammer To Your National Police (Such As The FBI-IC3, RCMP, Scotland Yard, etc.)?

Have You Reported Your Scammer To Your Local Police?

What Do Victims Believe?

When Asked What Is More Important After They Were Scammed? Looking At Scammer Photos Or Learning To Avoid Future Scams?

> 84 % said looking at scammer photos was more important
> 12 % said learning to avoid future scams

How can you argue with that logic?

Obsession & Fantasy Are The Foundations Of Scams. Staying
Obsessed On The Stolen Faces Used By Scammers Does Nothing To Keep You Safe In The Future!

After you have been scammed you have to CHANGE yourself and your behavior to stay safe in the future!

Anger, Obsession, and Fantasies are not the path to recovery!

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Ghana Sakawa Boys - The Scum Of The Scamming World!

Sakawa Boys occupy the lowest rung in the Ghanaian Scamming Underworld. They work in small violent criminal gangs in Ghana. They are not allowed to join the larger university educated scammer organizations. When a scammer is arrested in Ghana it is almost always these bottom feeders, because the larger organizations have fully corrupted the police and government.

These are the ones with the worst grammar and accents, and are easily spotted if you are paying attention.

These are also the ones that are heavily invested in the bogus "Porn Star in Ghana" scams.

Yet, they bring in millions of dollars ever year!

Nigerian Scammers Die In Malaysia!

Love the Malaysian Police! They are Anti-scam Rock Stars! We are proud to partner with them!

What Do Victims Believe?

Do You Really Believe That You Are Spending Enough Time Learning To Avoid Scams?

The Average Victim Spends More Than 3,000 Hours Being Scammed

Yet Spends Less Than 12 Hours Learning To Avoid Scams

You Learned To Be Fooled, Now Learn To Not Be Fooled!

Put In The Effort & Report Every Scammer That You Find On!

As A Victim You Know You Can Be Fooled - That Came Naturally. Now You Have To Learn To Never Be Fooled Again And To Avoid Scams!

Just Looking At Fake Faces Will Not Help You, Any More Than Looking At Cars Will Teach You To Drive. You Have To Learn How Scammers Really Work And How Their Organizations Function. But Most Importantly, You Have To Learn How Your Own Brain Worked Against You!

It Is Up To You To Learn To Be Safe Or Remain A Victim Over And Over!

You Know The Saying That Says That You Have To Put In 10,000 To Be An Expert On Anything? Hint Hint! We Have Been Working Against Scams For 27 Years!

RSN Team
Miami Florida USA

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