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Raven Riley
The Scammers Choice Award Winner

Raven Riley is an American porn actress, appearing online and on DVDs. Riley won the top spot on Front magazine’s “Top 20 Girls of the Web” and appeared on its March 2007 cover.  Obviously, she appeals to men and women on many levels and at almost all ages, making her a perfect decoy.

Here is a gallery of  Raven Riley photos we have found:

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SCAMMER:  Tolu Smith, 35  tolusmith984@yahoo.com  Miami, FL or Chicago, IL

SCAMMER: Tolu Smith, 35 tolusmith984@yahoo.com Miami, FL or Chicago, IL

A Japanese Scammer In America

They are now using ethnicities as well!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Tolu Smith, 35

Miami, FL or was it Chicago, IL?



ANTI-SCAM ALERTSo-called Safe Dating Sites Not Safe!

66-Year-Old Woman Scammed Out Of $300K On Christian Mingle Dating Site!

According to the Huffington Post on January 17th, 2014:

One 66-year-old divorcée turned to online dating to find love, but instead lost $300,000 to a scam artist from Nigeria pretending to be the perfect man.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, recently told a local ABC affiliate in San Jose, Calif. that she met the crook on the dating website Christian Mingle. The man claimed to be an oil rig worker from the UK and showed his interest in the woman by sending her flowers and text messages.

Then he asked her for money for his oil business, reports The San Antonio Mercury News.

The woman agreed, dipping into her retirement fund to send the man $300,000. The woman wired an additional $200,000 at his request, but someone in her life intervened and reported the incident to authorities.

Upon an investigation by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office, authorities realized it was a scam and traced the transactions back to an email address in Nigeria. They were able to recover the woman’s $200,000, but they say the odds of the woman getting the rest of her money back are slim.

So-called “sweetheart scams” like this are becoming increasingly common on dating websites. Back in November a man in Utah named Carl Estep was sent to prison after scamming two women out of $300,000 using what the authorities called a “romance scam.”

Laura Carter  (hearthrobber)  lauracarter120@gmail.com Barking, England

Laura Carter (hearthrobber) lauracarter120@gmail.com Barking, England

Another Barking Dog From Ghana

Barking England Is One Of Their Preferred Locations To List

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Laura Carter  (hearthrobber)
AKA Melissa?


Barking, England / Ohio / Nigeria



Dating Scams Affect Millions!

Dating Scams in the United States alone have affected as many as 20 Million People!

This means that one in 15 people have encountered a Romance Scammer!

With those kinds of numbers, the magnitude of Dating Scams is horrendous and far reaching.  Learn the facts for yourself …


Lisa Furlow (9044199873textme) - 1611 Fairfield Pl. Jacksonville Fl. 32206

Lisa Furlow (9044199873textme) – 1611 Fairfield Pl. Jacksonville Fl. 32206

This Is A New Scary Scammer Trend

This scammer picked someone’s actual address and included it in a dating profile as a way to convince guys that she is real!

We apologize to the real people who live there in advance.  However, we feel it is important to publish this as a way to alert people about this new escalation in dating scams.  Of course to anyone who studies scammer behavior, this is patently a false scammer grammar profile, but targeting a specific address where real people live is a new low.

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Lisa Furlow
florida jacksonvile
1611 Fairfield Pl. Jacksonville Fl. 32206
904 419 9873



 Major Media Finally Focuses

The following video from CBS News explores the reality of scammers stealing photos to defraud consumers of their money.

Here is one such example:



Ghanaian Scammers Are Resourceful

When requested, they have learned how to provide images of fake documents that fool countless scam victims.  

Of course to a professional, they are laughable, but to the average person they look good. (more…)


Safe Online Dating Tips

In our world today, online dating is more hazardous that bungee jumping!
So here are some On-line Dating Tips from people that know all about security!


KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Professional Scammer Rafiu M. Amando

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Professional Scammer Rafiu M. Amando

A Ghanaian Scammer Profile

Meet the Professional Romance Scammer Mr. Rafiu M. Amando



Lana Brooke

The Scammers Choice Award Winner

Lana Brooke  The Scammers Choice Award Winner

Lana Brooke
The Scammers Choice Award Winner

Lana Brooke is one of a handful of Models and Porn starts that is the favorite of the Dating Scammer community in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Benin, and other Western and Central African countries.  We think this is because she looks like a corn-fed down-home Mid-Western Beauty – All American (or Native american as they say).


sarah.boateng34@yahoo.com - scammers playing with their photos!

sarah.boateng34@yahoo.com – scammers playing with their photos!

Scammers Are Adapting

Scammers are learning to overcome some of the clues we use to quickly identify them.

One of these areas are the photos that are both their greatest weapon and also their liability.  If we can recognize a person who’s photos have been used before, it’s an instant lose for them.

So now they are playing games with the photos to make it harder for us – for normal people to recognize them as repeat scammers.



SCAMMER GALLERY: More Badoo Scammers

Jan 10 2014

317125483_300 abegail angela
baby beron411@gmail betty
Biendne brenn Carefelicia
cristineanderson3@gmail 1 cristineanderson3@gmail 2 cristineanderson3@gmail 3
dawsin Diana Alicia Brockwell dignity 1
dignity 2 dignity 3 dignity 4
dignity 5 Emile goodlove
hansenroselyn01@hotmail 1 hansenroselyn01@hotmail 2 hawa
Hellen hidden (1) hidden (2)
hidden (3) hidden (4) hidden (5)
hidden (6) hidden honestGina- 35
jemima jemimah jenny
jessica Kamila La Sexii kate
kathleen Kisswithme101@gmail Linda Thomas
lindarobert516 lisa lover
mariana - 38 markalison888@yahoo mary
meetmenow Miriam monica
nancy natasha Prettyface
Prettyface2 Prettyface3 Rita2172
rose rossy 1 rossy 2
rossy 3 sandra sarah
semi8520 sophiahison@gmail stacey-30
sweetiy tracy trisha
truthful vannesa wonderful
SCAMMER: Lisa Latif cryinglisa@yahoo.com / cryinglatif@gmail.com Struthers, Ohio

SCAMMER: Lisa Latif cryinglisa@yahoo.com / cryinglatif@gmail.com Struthers, Ohio

This One Is An 8 Foot Tall Bigfoot!

That’s One Big Scammer! And she’s Blonde, er Brown

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Lisa Latif
Struthers, Ohio. 



What Is A Dating or Romance Scammer?

A Dating Scammer or Romance Scammer is someone who, in the simplest terms possible, lies on a dating website profile. Their motive is usually financial gain, but not always. We consider a dating scammer anyone who materially misleads another person with the potential to cause harm to that person. In other words: commits fraud!

Welcome To Our Romance Scammers Rogues Gallery. Romance Scams Are Corrupting Almost All Dating Websites Today. In Fact, On Some Dating And Romance Websites Almost 90% Of All Profiles Are Now Scammers From African Or From Behind The Former Iron Curtain. Scammers Are Usually Easy To Spot, But Some Are Adapting To Our Own Posts, So Always Watch For The Tell Tale Clues, And When In Doubt Don't Respond - If She Or He Looks Too Good To Be True, They Probably Are! Good Luck And Happy Hunting!

Please Note: we watermark the photos on our website stolen by scammers so that they cannot be used by other scammers - we also make a point of noting that these are not the images of the scammers themselves, but are the victims they stole the photos from. I you are the person pictured in any of the photos, you are welcome to contact us, but we think it is important that we continue to display the photos so other victims will know it is not you, and so they can recognize the photos and know they are being scammed.

The opinions expressed on this website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the publisher of this website, and are protected speech under the laws of the United States of America. If any fraudsters or scammers are offended by our statements, Good On Us, we win! This website is not intended for use by minors and does contain adult situations, articles about criminal conduct, and photography that may be too frank in nature. Parental discretion is suggested.

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