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Romance Scammers Stealing Your Identity

Romance Scammers Stealing Your Identity

You may not have thought about it!

But the information you share in a dating profile is all an Identity Thief needs to steal your identity!

Even worse, the information you share with a scammer can almost guarantee that your identity will be stolen!

Scammers are already stealing identities right in front of you!  When they steal photos, they are stealing someone’s identify.  They are stealing your profiles, your details, to scam others.

However, what we have recently learned is that many scammers have partners in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  They take your personal details:  identity, ID numbers, address and phone numbers, family member names, your date of birth, and bingo – they own your identity.  It’s all they need to get credit cards, loans, and even take over your bank accounts in some cases.


Victoria Hunt, 33 (victoriareal)  victoriahunt34@yahoo.com

Victoria Hunt, 33 (victoriareal) victoriahunt34@yahoo.com

Love Don’t Cost A Thing

But she’s gona steal from you anyway!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Victoria Hunt, 33 (victoriareal)
Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
or is it: United Kingdom countryside of Oxfordshire



malenarosemorgan@gmail.com Romance Scammer / Dating Scammer – Image Stolen From Real Person

Nigerian / Ghana / Central Africa / Western Africa Emergency Scam

One of the most popular scams in online dating is the Nigerian / Ghana / Central Africa Emergency Scam.

Ghanaians, Nigerians, and other Central or Western Africans are notorious for their shameless scammers and most sane people probably wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone from one of these countries. Though while we ridicule these scammers constantly, people want to believe and are lambs for the slaughter. The scammers know this all to well too, and therefore often pretend to be from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, or Europe or some other Western country. (more…)

SCAMMER: Rose Rosemond Adams   (rosemondx)  rosemond_adams@yahoo.com Los Angeles, CA or Philippines?

SCAMMER: Rose Rosemond Adams (rosemondx) rosemond_adams@yahoo.com Los Angeles, CA or Philippines?

Another Bucket Of Crazy

Scammers are going out of their way to sound nuts! They think it works on Western Guys!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Rose – Rosemond Adams. 35
Los Angeles, CA or Philippines?



ANTI-SCAM ALERTA Last The Reality Comes To The Surface!

Dating Website Operators Caught Turning A Blind Eye To Scammers And Fake Profiles

The following article, reprinted in the public interest provided courtesy of  http://www.businessinsider.com

Download the complaint here: 186531508-Avalos-Complaint-pdf »


New Love - Lady in Waiting, 33 (lovelyone23) New York City, New York

New Love – Lady in Waiting, 33 (lovelyone23) New York City, New York

Bucket Of Crazy Time Again

There Must Be A Subgroup Of Sakawa Boys That Think They Can Drown Us In Crazy!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

New Love – Lady in Waiting, 33
New York City, New York



This is a Money Scam

But is came through a dating website (LoveAccess).

Beware, they are out to get you at every turn!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Ms Tranko Wall
Mrs Tranko Wall
Charity Purpose <yu@food.gov.tw>


REPEAT SCAMMER: Suzzy Carlson (lady2000) suzzycarlson305@yahoo.com

REPEAT SCAMMER: Suzzy Carlson (lady2000) suzzycarlson305@yahoo.com

Where Have We Seen This Photo Before?

Oh, Yeah Right Here!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Suzzy Carlson. 35
Silver Spring, Maryland


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Top Nigerian Scammer Arested!

Nigerial Dating Scammers Caught - Olaniyi Makinde Victor (right), with his lawyer, A.A. Adetunji (left)

Nigerial Dating Scammers Caught – Olaniyi Makinde Victor (right), with his lawyer, A.A. Adetunji (left)

A 26 year old serial internet fraudster, Olaniyi Victor Makinde who is top on the wanted list of the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI has been arrested in Akure, the Ondo state capital by Nigeria’s anti-graft police, EFCC. (more…)

SCAMMER:  Mary Jones (lonelyhart67) maryjon207@aol.com

SCAMMER: Mary Jones (lonelyhart67) maryjon207@aol.com

A Fitness Nut Who Hates Veggies!

What is this world coming to! But she loves deserts so there is some hope!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Mary Jones, 38
Belen, NM




Here is a post taken from SKYPE itself, but it paints a graphic picture of what can happen when dealing with scammers.

Updated: June 11, 2014

Remember, they will steal your photos, and record your videos.  They will use them against you if they can!

Take a look at this:  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/micwright/100009856/sexual-blackmail-on-skype-how-sadistic-crooks-drive-young-people-to-the-point-of-suicide/



Know what they say about Serial Killers?

Watch out for anyone that uses all three of their names!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Samantha Kristina David  
Luton Bedfordshire UK



Another Fresh Batch Of Dating Scammers

We present a new selection of Badoo.com Scammers

Remember these photos were stolen from real people!


SCAMMER: Awele  (aweelonely33)  Zephyrhills, FL

SCAMMER: Awele (aweelonely33) Zephyrhills, FL

Just Another Scammer

Nothing Very Special, Just More Of The Same!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Awele  (aweelonely33)
Zephyrhills, FL



Curious One This One

This was reported to us by the scammer himself!

So he ended up giving us both his old and new email address.  Not sure why?  Might be a sympathy play “Look someone is using my name, I’m not the scammer”.  Not sure, but we are publishing it just the same.

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Anna Marcial
Anna Bryant
Analyn Marcial
Analyn Bryant



What Is A Dating or Romance Scammer?

A Dating Scammer or Romance Scammer is someone who, in the simplest terms possible, lies on a dating website profile. Their motive is usually financial gain, but not always. We consider a dating scammer anyone who materially misleads another person with the potential to cause harm to that person. In other words: commits fraud!

Welcome To Our Romance Scammers Rogues Gallery. Romance Scams Are Corrupting Almost All Dating Websites Today. In Fact, On Some Dating And Romance Websites Almost 90% Of All Profiles Are Now Scammers From African Or From Behind The Former Iron Curtain. Scammers Are Usually Easy To Spot, But Some Are Adapting To Our Own Posts, So Always Watch For The Tell Tale Clues, And When In Doubt Don't Respond - If She Or He Looks Too Good To Be True, They Probably Are! Good Luck And Happy Hunting!

Please Note: we watermark the photos on our website stolen by scammers so that they cannot be used by other scammers - we also make a point of noting that these are not the images of the scammers themselves, but are the victims they stole the photos from. I you are the person pictured in any of the photos, you are welcome to contact us, but we think it is important that we continue to display the photos so other victims will know it is not you, and so they can recognize the photos and know they are being scammed.

The opinions expressed on this website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the publisher of this website, and are protected speech under the laws of the United States of America. If any fraudsters or scammers are offended by our statements, Good On Us, we win! This website is not intended for use by minors and does contain adult situations, articles about criminal conduct, and photography that may be too frank in nature. Parental discretion is suggested.

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