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4 Comments on "Help Us Improve"

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Tracy Blackwell

I have listed a name and phone numbers that I thought I was finding out if they were scammers or not. I did not understand that they would be posted online as scammers? I do not know that they are scammers or not? I don’t want to accuse anyone falsely and hurt their feelings or cause them grief? How can I get there name off the Scammers telephone list without doing them any further harm? The name is Loren Mangarin. It is listed with about 6/7 numbers

William Salmon

Stolen I’d fake marriage used government I’d to obtain drugs in United States using federal ID Salamatu Osumanu fake ID fake police work fake lawyers Gerald Gregory and used the gun and police department’s IDs there’s a woman involved name Janet a Wadi making the documents


I do not like social media, facebook, twitter, too many trolls