SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS – Chapters 0, 1, & 2

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS – Chapters 0, 1, & 2



This Week We Are Going To Start A New Series Called:


The lies and half truths that many amateur anti-scammers and groups tell victims to keep them dependent on them.

Remember, we advise you to trust NO ONE online.

Just use the information provided and make up your own mind.

Too many victims get an angry messiah complex and think THEY are the only ones that can save you – they are in fact clueless and harmful, because they tell you what they want to believe and what THEY think you want to hear, even though it is totally fake as well. Many act like cult leaders, afraid that you will discover they are just frightened people making it up as they go along. Some of them belong in jail for what they have done to victims, and are no better than scammers themselves.

This is why crime victims’ assistance and support is controlled by most Western Countries because it is so easy for victims to become the victim of someone else.

Every SCARS Member ( understands their role and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards they MUST follow. While they may not all be experts, they do understand that the TRUTH is what you need, not another made up fairy tale!

We will put some of those fairy tales, lies, and half-truths to death in this series.

Please let us know if you find it useful.


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Robbie Ford

I am trying to find out who the person in the photo is, I do not believe that the lady in the photo is the same person that I have been texting and talking with, I have done a Google Reverse Image Check on the photos but they are coming back with no matches and I believe that these photos are from someone’s Facebook or Instagram Account, Is there anything that you could suggest to help me find out who the person in the photos is, thank you, Sincerely Yours; Robbie