SCAMMER: Maureen Jones / loveyourhear /

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SCAMMER: Maureen Jones / loveyourhear /

loveyourhear - no doubt stole the photo

Maureen Jone – loveyourhear – no doubt stole the photo

And the wheel goes round …

This one doesn’t seem to even know what she looks like! Blonde & Blue Eyes!


Maureen Jones

Scammer’s Details:

Seeking my dream man
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: United States
Location: Greenville, KY
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde hair
Eye Color: Blue
Religion: Christian – Other
Astrological sign: Virgo
Level of Education: Some college
Occupation: Sales and Marketing
Income: I’ll tell you later
Smoking: Non-smoker & don’t mind smokers
Drinking: Don’t Drink
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: No
Want Children: Undecided
Looking to meet a: Male Age: 40 to 50
Relationship Desired: I’ll tell you later
Last Visit: Today

Compare with the photo!

Scammer’s Write-up

Life was not too kind to me but due to the difficulties I had to live through I have become the person I am now. Being a young woman I have mature views to life and the precise understanding of what make the relationship work out. Many couples fail as they try to change their partners, which I consider unnecessary. Respect of a person you love, understanding of his needs and desires, the wish to find a compromise is primary important. The main thing is to love and make all necessary efforts in order to keep the fire burning. I am a sincere, honest, affectionate woman, a faithful and reliable, I can find a common language with various people easily. I enjoy doing things about the house, creating comfort at home. I am looking for an easy-going, optimistic, kind, caring, loyal, gentle man, the one who loves home and family life.

 Maureen Jones’s Message:

Hellloo, my name is Maureen
single and with no children as well, I work at a
shopping mall am the cashier, I love to play volleyball,
swimming and watching television. I can say that I am
very loyal and understanding person. Always try to be
patient and 

to delve into the situation, I don’t like to make
conclusions when I don’t know the 

reasons and characters of certain people! Honesty is a
big plus of me as my friends 

always tell me. I like to help people and to be good
friend! I just need the man whom 

I will be able to to show all my best qualities,I am not
looking for perfect or ideal man here! I do believe that
nobody can be ideal 

but I know that he just can be perfect for me! I do want
your honesty and 

understanding. I want to have the man who will show me
his affection and love, add me up on we can chat more later take

Note the copy and paste artifacts, and scammer grammar.

Maureen Jones’s Follow Up Message:

What do you call a lie?
Is that how to responsed to my message back?
Don’t make mistakes?
If you find some mistakes in my profile, that doesn’t
mean I am a liar and I wont lie about where am from,I am
not from the state, I am proud to say am from GHANA 
because I was born and raised luck in a search of
a man in my life it wasn’t that good, Whenever I mention
Ghana everybody run away from me, I don’t know what is
going on here and I don’t understand it either, Is GHANA
bad country to live, I met another man early on when I
told him am from Ghana, He started calling me names. It
really makes me feel sad, he misjudge me and Didn’t give
a chance to know more about me, Are you also going to run
away because i come from GHANA?, Whatever reasons that is
making people run away, ALL what i have to say is that In
these word, they are good and bad people anywhere, And
now a days the internet is full of craps and I understand
that very much, there are some people who come on here on
the internet to take advantage of people and that is
very bad thing. To tell you the truth fact, A true 
Ghanaian will never come online to play games on people,
But there are alot of foreigners in country because of
war going on in some part of Africa country and GHANA is
known to be the most peaceful country In Africa and our
Economy is improving because of the OIL in the country,
Cocoa and other natural resources, Some bad foreigners
has come to these country and damaging the name of GHANA
and the issue has reach the government. They are working
on that arrest any bad people who is blackmailing people
outside there with the name of GHANA. These is my country
and I have no reason to denied it that from here. So it
is good to be honest from the start because honesty that
will make people know you more and trust you. I am a
single woman with no children, But I have been into a
relationship before with a guy whom I trusted with my
heart and love, But you know some guys really don’t get
satisfy they want so much more, And I can’t put up with
someone like that so i broke up with him even though i
was hurt. I need and want a man who really understand the
needs and want of a woman. Someone who is caring and
understanding, Someone who i can have shower with Mmm I
do miss that lol, Also cook with him and do everything
together, Am 32YRS old, Hope my age wont scare you away,
I don’t care about the age neither as long as you believe
in love and have so much love to share with me then I am
really interested in that. I know older people have so
much love and understands what love is. Love is a
beautiful thing to share when you find someone special. I
will love to be that woman who will be your best friend
and lover like DON WILLIAMS says in his song. I want to
be that woman who you will always love to come home to
meet. And that woman who will make you happy always. I am
from a good christian home with good moral values. if you
are interested contact me

I give up, when you press them to the wall, you find the truth or at least their version that contains less lies, but it is all story telling and scams.  They think that if you keep telling a lie long enough people will believe it – sounds like Democrats!  It is so laughable, but at the same time tragic that people actually fall for this stuff.  We are doomed!

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