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  1. Anonymous April 5, 2017 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    If you have any contact with this man or the person using these pictures/his image……..RUN and do not continue any contact with him!!!! It is a complete fraud and he will try to get you to send money to 5729 Eads Street, New Orleans, LA and say it is for his girls who are sick and need food. I met him on POF.com and found out recently that it is a total fraud. The phone numbers he used on me are 9198081171 and 2525007709. Once he tells you he is leaving the military and coming to you, you will receive a call from 5045108943 in New Orleans (or at least I did) and if you don’t answer and you call back, they will never answer the phone. Then you will get a call from +011 233 23 206 2928 stating he is being detained for 1.3 million dollars worth of illegal gold in his possession and he needs 13K to get him released and home to you. DO NOT PAY IT OR ANY AMOUNT. He asked for small stuff at first, iTunes card for $50, then his kids need $500 or so and he can’t send it to them because in the military, they don’t have cash and no one has access to his bank account. All BULLSHIT. Once I called him and the fake officer from the airport that calls on his behalf, no more calls. He will have you contact him through and app call Viber so he can call and text you. Don’t believe anything this man or the person using this image says. IT IS ALL A LIKE

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