RSN™ Guide: United States Military & Social Media

/RSN™ Guide: United States Military & Social Media

RSN™ Guide: United States Military & Social Media

RSN™ Guide: United States Military & Social Media

The Facts

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Urban Legends

So much of the information spread around about scammers and is nothing but urban legend. False information, misinterpretation, or rumors spread like lice in a preschool.

This article will help to clear up many of these preconceptions that are nothing but urban legends and replace them with fact. After all, the fact is the spotlight that exposes the dark and sends scammers scurrying away like cockroaches

Why Do You Have To Learn All Of This?

Every task in life requires certain skills to perform it safely. Some are very complex, and misoperation can result in death, others just ruining something without risk of injury. The Internet and Social Media are somewhere in the middle. Incompetence can result in severe injury to yourself and others – financial, emotionally, and even physically.

Think of the Internet like a car. You know driving a car is complex, right? Yet, every teen thinks they can just jump in and drive. They neither have the skills nor the maturity to drive competently. We all acknowledge that driving is something we have to learn and be trained for, or we risk the loss of our lives and those we care about. However, it is unlikely that anyone reading this has ever considered that the Internet is every bit as complex and dangerous to incompetent users. What you do online can and does hurt others, and it is about time that everyone realized this.

This document is just one lesson in developing your understanding of online safety. This is your set of training wheels!

U.S. Soldiers in Africa

Yes, the United States has military personnel in EVERY country on Earth (except a handful). Most of these are assigned to United States Embassies, however, there are active military missions in over 100 countries – mostly fighting terrorists around the globe. Not since World War 2 has there been a deployment of United States and NATO forces in more counties.

The United States maintains its African Command in Germany, but has offices in Nigeria and deploys from there into most of Africa. To learn more about the U.S. Africa Command go here:

So yes, we have soldiers in Nigerian (supporting the Nigerian Army). In fact, U.S. Special Forces (SpecOps) were killed in Chad.

This does not mean that soldiers you do not know are going to contact you or that they are real. They are NOT.

U.S. Military Social Media Policy

Social media is a part of our daily lives. The U.S. Military uses it officially as a powerful tool to share the United States Military’s story. It helps them to create meaningful connections with national and global audiences, which maintains their trust and confidence in America’s military.

The United States Department of Defense acknowledges the importance of social media and encourages their commands, Soldiers, Families, and Military Civilians to safely and accurately use social media to share their experiences and provide information.

Advances in technology and accessibility to connected mobile devices, combined with society’s acceptance of social media, have changed how information is delivered and how people, organizations, and government entities communicate.

But It Is Governed By Strict Rules

Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 8550.01, released Sept. 11, 2012, provides guidelines for military use of social media. The instruction acknowledges that Internet-based capabilities are integral to operations across the Department of Defense, but are not to be used casually and never to share inappropriate information.

The “All Army Activities” message, published February 2017, also reemphasizes that Soldiers are held to the standards of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Army Values when using social media, even when off duty. Commenting, posting and linking to material that violates the UCMJ or basic rules of Soldier conduct are prohibited, along with talking negatively about supervisors or releasing sensitive information. This is the Military’s criminal code of conduct.

What Does This Mean?

It means that United States Military Personnel (and there are similar rules for NATO Personnel) are criminally responsible for what they post or communicate on social media.

They cannot post, email, or message about deployments and actions that in any way jeopardize their missions and their fellow personnel, or the security of their operations or the U.S. This means that NO one in areas of operations are going to be reaching out to strangers. To their existing family and friends yes – within the limitations permitted by policy, but not strangers. It also means that they are subject to obtaining permissions and review of all of their communications.

More Policies

How Soldiers Communicate

At one point or another, almost all scammers communicate by email. If they have not yet, then demand their email address and exchange emails to confirm that it works.

The United States Military communicates using a set of channels approved and authorized, and more importantly controlled by the military. This means that all personnel will use DOT MIL (.mil) email addresses. BUT there are other U.S. Military DOT domains as well

Here is the Official List of U.S. Government Domain TLD (Top Level Domains) that can ONLY be used by the United States Government.

U.S. Government Only Domains: .GOV (American Government – Local, State, and Federal), .MIL (Military)

Do not confuse .MIL for .ML (which is for Mali) – or .GOV for .GW (which is for Guinea-Bissau)

While there are many similar domains – here is a list of ALL of the National TLDs:

Military ID Cards

The rule about United States’ Military ID cards is very simple. They cannot be copied, scanned, duplicated, or photographed EVER. To do so is a crime.

If anyone ever sends you a copy of their ID card it is (by definition) a fake or a criminal act.


Here is the applicable rule: Photocopying military, CAC IDs a violation of federal law –

How To Identify U.S. Military Personnel

One of the most important ways to identify fakes is by the uniform rank insignia. Scammers rarely understand the significance of rank, and also rank will show in photos (unless photoshopped out). Here are guides to help you identify U.S. for Officers and Enlisted personnel.

Enlisted (Not Officers) & Officers Ranks & Insignia – click here »

You can also learn more about military ranks for ANY COUNTRY on Wikipedia:

Where They Are Stationed

Military personnel are forbidden from disclosing the actual deployment location when in active combat areas. The only personnel that can are those assigned to diplomatic posts at embassies. Yet scammers love to expose their locations as a statement of authenticity.

If someone ever says where they are stationed or deployed, you can check if it is a valid military base here:

The Question Of Money

U.S. Military personnel are fully funded by the U.S. Government for ALL essentials. They do not pay for meals, travel, or essentials.

They also do not have to pay to go on LEAVE or be DISCHARGED EARLY! They just have to ask.

What about family needs? One of the common scams is to ask for money to be sent to a family member in need. Except that there are many U.S. Support Organizations that help military families, not to mention that one soldier’s family will always help another. Military personnel are part of one of the largest communities on Earth – they take care of their own. They do not need a stranger’s help.

This is really not complicated. Any soldier that says they need money from you IS A SCAMMER!


With these tools, you should be able to identify fake soldiers and service personnel. If you can’t be sure if some stranger is real? Just assume he or she is a scammer and you will be safe – because 99% of the time they are a scammer.

Just remember this, that no real soldier is going to contact total strangers when they are stationed overseas on deployment. Any such contacts should always be treated as a scammer!

Stay Safe Online!


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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do.

Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

  1. Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report – say you need it for your insurance
  2. Your National Police or FBI (
  3. The Scars Worldwide Reporting Network HERE or on

This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide.

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  1. Philip Rooke December 13, 2018 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    I’m not sure about this one. Everything This lady told me appears to be true. She Is currently working under strict security at the North Bay Norad site, Ontario, Canada. And is a Consultant Chef, in charge of all Senior officers meals.
    She recently lost a phone while pleasure boating, overboard. She claimed to have a corporate bank account with Skynet???? I don’t know how but I have looked into her account and it appears to be very healthy. I have checked with so many Banks to ask if this is a legitimate Bank but all I was told to check the bank myself, phone them. (Yeah right phone what is thought to be a dodgy Bank and ask them if they are real) DER. Thanks for that SANTANDER UK.
    Anyway I have all her details of the account and she has told me to withdraw enough cash to see me through the months of November until she can get leave in December. She also wanted me to buy her a phone and laptop with the money and a present for her of my own choice.
    I have asked Friends online from Canada to ask if they had heard of this Bank. Some say no, Most say they have. I feel sick inside as she is a beautiful woman, and I have fallen deeply in love with her.
    She has a friend on the base that is on Facebook, we did become good friends. This woman is supposed to be a Capt. She always let me know how my love was doing, if she had been upset or crying over a little tif we may have had.
    Most about her not being real, as I found on Facebook a page with all my lovers details on except a date of birth and an older phone number. Plus It had a photo of her, I reported it and since it has disappeared.
    This what I thought was a fake FB page, but still got in touch. Well this is where the story really lit up lights for me. She (my lovers double) Told me she was somewhere in South America, I’m not giving precise details as maybe against the law. Anyway she claims to be where she is, in hiding. As she was found in a hotel room with a dead person next to her. And claims she was drugged up and planted there by an ex boyfriend. The ex wants her dead apparently so that he can claim her money. It all sounded very convincing to me, but I told my lover what went on, but thinking she could be fake as well, never told her the whole story.
    My lover told me that she had an affair which went on for some time, She had brought this guy a Mobile home for his birthday, and gave him several thousand dollars to help with gambling addiction. Any way he got posted to the middle east and she found out another woman was pregnant by him. Yes he was a soldier too.

    The brunt of this story is that I just don’t know what to believe, is she fake, is the bank fake. Whatever our relationship is over because I truly thought she was a fake. As all family and friends have told me to steer clear.
    Another thing I tried looking into myself was, Is North Bay Norad Operational still I have been told it’s been empty for years.

    • WOW OMG That was one crazy story and one that is brand new! A million thanks for that one.

      Ok, by the numbers.

      1) The idea of a contractor working on a military base if not unreasonable. She needs you to buy a phone with her money? Amazon works just fine, plus a zillion other ecommerce companies, plus she would need to buy it from a phone company to transfer her account to the new phone.

      2 This is the great part and us truly scary. These scammers invented their own bank. NO ONE in North America would start a bank called SKYNET – we already think banks are plotting to destroy us, but with the brand from the Terminator movies? Really? No way. But the good news is that we looked at the website and it is a true fake. Plus we have a 2018 directory of ALL banks in Canada. Everything is available if you look for it. So this is as bogus as a kangaroo in Nigeria.

      This is a far more serious fraud that it might appear at first glance. We would like to use your information to both put up a warning post (without your name), and also to reach out to our friends in the RCMP and CDN Regulators. They can have the website shutdown. We will post the complete banking list for Canada also to help with any other victims that have become snared.

      Thank you again, and shut it down and block this scammer ASAP – you were almost lured into money laundering at the least and possibly bank fraud.

      Best of luck.

      To lean more about this scam go here:

  2. Ingrid Browning August 9, 2018 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Your above comment is very interesting and true. It is tragic how peo[e react. Everybody is guilty, accept them. Falling for their manipulations and love talk, out of loneliness or whatever., and given money at own will, is the center of this al. I completely. lost confidence in social media. I have seen scam heaters groups fighting among each other, and one of the biggest scam heaters I corresponded with after I checked her out was the biggest scammer of them all. So sad. Who can one trust nowadays

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team August 10, 2018 at 5:18 pm - Reply

      You have discovered the most valuable truth – trust no one online! Not even us. Take what we offer if you find it useful.

      From the very beginning, we worked with government to establish laws and regulations to guide the (so-called) ant-scam industry. Crime victims assistance is regulated in most major countries, but the scam hater groups don’t care they are only interested in expressing their own rage and the victims are just in the way. You are welcome to see who we are at You will find our Code of Conduct and the NOVA Standard that we follow as well. You are welcome to ask us anything, that is the true difference between the opaque one person in a kitchen anti-scam groups, and a transparent incorporated non-profit non-governmental organization like SCARS.

  3. Anonymous August 9, 2018 at 2:26 am - Reply

    Does the military send troops bonus money to the troops account or can they send it to the beneficiary before coming home from deployment? When a troop is asking for leave what is the process for them to come home? Do they have to pay for there own flight home?

  4. maria July 19, 2018 at 3:17 am - Reply

    hola, soy una chica Española y me han intentado estafar desde varios sitios de Internet desde el facebok o el instagran
    y me siguen acosando estafadores, pero ya se las pautas que usan y desde el principio los bloqueo, sobretodo cuando me dicen que han visto mi perfil y ha visto que soy una persona amorosa ¿como van a ver nada si lo tengo todo bloqueado y protegido? los bloqueo inmediatamente.
    estos personajes se aprovechan de las personas que están solas y nosotras tenemos que ser mas listas que ellos, en el momento que alguien les diga que están enamorados de usted tan solo al hablar con ellos un día ya deben saber que es un estafador y no digo mas si les llegan a pedir dinero.
    saludos y ánimos a todos

  5. D Willis July 8, 2018 at 9:24 am - Reply

    Whose side are you on? The information provided in this article is of GREAT use for SCAMMERS.

  6. Anonymous May 12, 2018 at 9:24 am - Reply

    I meet a man that said he waa a seargent in the us army by the name Michael smith. He gave me some said stories and i had been sending him money he promised to marry me. I started checking scams they used and he got me on all them i am out of $4,000.00. That he has promised to pay me back. What made me check was the address was never a miltary address with and apo it was sent in a african name. I really got scamed.

    • Anonymous June 15, 2018 at 2:18 pm - Reply

      Did he ever ask for an Amazon Music card?

      • Anonymous November 16, 2018 at 3:44 am - Reply


  7. Tawanda Clark April 24, 2018 at 11:58 am - Reply

    To me what is clear is misinformation, as to say there would be no cover ups of an actual American soildiers misdeeds. I was scammed this past summer and believe I have substatial evidence to connect the real soildier and scammer, but it was played off that the person who did it was just pretending to be a real US soildier. They just can’t admit to such things as it makes the service look bad.I reported it to the FBI and the proper site to report internet scams, but I guess I am not that important, because I was scammed of only $700. I think this is just downright disgusting and it amazea me of what some cannget away with.

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team April 24, 2018 at 4:07 pm - Reply

      This is truly tragic. For some people they cannot believe that they allowed the scammer to scam them. So it has to be some grand conspiracy. The soldiers or the porn stars – the face in the photo have to be involved in the scam. This is just another form of denial. We encourage such people to seek professional counseling, because we can’t help them – that must make us part of the conspiracy too!

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