An Assortment Of New Faces

Here is a gallery of new and familiar faces we have found – Romance Scammers All!  

Mostly from Ghana, and other parts around the world!

Remember, these are not photos of the scammers, but photos the scammers have stolen!

What Visitors Were Looking For

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Romance Scams Now Editorial Team

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  1. Dr. Tim McGuinness April 2, 2014 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    Crazy Lady, I don’t think you understand how all this works. Yes there are comments, but not from the scammers – at least not on this website – we BLOCK all of Africa. Of course there are other ways to access us, but our goal is to make life hard for them at the very least. We maintain a database of over 100,000 scammer email addresses, which we offer to dating websites – though not surprisingly, there are no takers!

  2. crazylady April 2, 2014 at 7:44 am - Reply

    So how come if one googles their email. we can find all these comments there, so it means they are reading everything posted here..

  3. Dr. Tim McGuinness February 22, 2014 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    Actually the voip line listed below is a UK Cell Phone Number – probably a Burner bought in the UK and maintained in Nigeria

  4. Alba Peroni February 17, 2014 at 3:48 am - Reply

    if you google [email protected].. you will see many pics of female scammers on his page, one totally naked.. clicking on the pic brings me to this page.. which means he is on here and reading everything.. do a google search … just don”t think it is one person… now they are using porn. and many females.. he is Andy Perez Engineer from Reading England.. and uses Marc Macleods pics. not lately though , he is into females and porn.. so guess they must be hitting the men now…. tel nos. 00447012975649 VOIP he is from Nigeria not England.. also +234 8064534142 also +234 08032469857 also uses the names Nathan Perez Charlton.. anyone would fall for this face,, but would love to see the real scammer….. was”nt into romance though,, more like needing to collect money… so it makes me think of other reasons…some organization.. he was the perfect gentleman… very interesting.. but evasive…

  5. Alba Peroni February 10, 2014 at 9:04 am - Reply

    The scammers are reading this page and learning… Can”t believe it… so how should we not warn or let them learn from our posts if they are here already…

    • Dr. Tim McGuinness February 11, 2014 at 12:56 am - Reply

      Well, a good question. We do our part by trying to block them. But the best defense is their own weakness. They are not real people, and they don’t know the places they present to be from.

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