REAL SCAMMER PROFILE: Rashidatu From Ghana

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REAL SCAMMER PROFILE: Rashidatu From Ghana

REAL SCAMMER PROFILE: Rashidatu From Ghana

REAL SCAMMER PROFILE: Rashidatu From Ghana

Another Real Ghana Scammer

Rash By Name Rash By Deed!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

From Ghana

The Dating Scammer’s Details Are:

Do you drink? No
Do you smoke? No
Do you do drugs? No
Religion: Christian
How tall are you? 5’7″ (170.18 cm.)
How much do you weigh? 176 lbs. (80 kg.)
What was your income last year?below $25,000
Do you like pets? Yes
Do you want kids? Yes
What color is your hair? Brown
Do you wear glasses? No
Life is: Alright
Do you daydream a lot?Sometimes
What kind of student are you? B
Do you read a newspaper daily?Usually
What is the derivative of x2x
What is your ethnicity? Middle Eastern
What other languages can you speak? French
Do you have a car? No
Do you have a motorcycle? No
Ever been to Paris? No
Ever been to Miami? No
Have any piercings? No
Any tattoos? No
Do you use Facebook or Twitter?Yes
Do you normally start conversations with people or do you let them start conversations with you? I start conversations sometimes
How many times did you go out per week last year on average? 1-2
How many relationships have you been in? 0-3
About many times did you exercise per week last year? 2-3
How many hours of volunteer work did you do last year? 0-5
How many books did you read last year? 1-4

The Dating Scammer’s Written Description Is:

LOOKING For Someone who know how to treat a woman like the way Woman need to be treated, respectful, love kids and family, very kind and communicative, have a good sense of humor, someone who will be there for me when i need his help/supportive, share ideas together s as husband and wife as am ready for that

The Dating Sammer’s Message:

Hello my name is Rashidatu and am new on this site..I am a very easy going honest person. I like adventure and romance…
I love to live life I like being happy instead. Honesty is the most important quality to me,,
I am looking for a relationship which would involve a friendship. He must be a honest man, that is caring, thoughtful, faithful, adventurous, has my back (I will have his back also) and loves home cooking. cos i love to cook always…i will be very glad to hear from you back maybe we can get to know each other Thank you you can rech me on

The Real Dating Scammer’s Photo Album:


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  1. Anonymous August 12, 2016 at 5:26 am - Reply

    is rashidatu vandepuye from Ghana a scammer

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team August 12, 2016 at 7:53 am - Reply

      of course

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