Open Letter To The Republic Of Ghana

/Open Letter To The Republic Of Ghana

Open Letter To The Republic Of Ghana

Flag of the Rogue State of Ghana

Flag of the of Ghana

This is an open letter addressed to the Ambassador for the

Here is their contact information:  

His Excellency Mr. ,

3512 International Dr NW, Washington, DC 20008


Ambassador Ohene Agyekum is married with five (5) children

Email addresses:

We encourage you to copy this open letter and engage in an email campaign to their embassy and consuls around the world, and to your local newspapers, blogs, and anywhere where this campaign can gain attention.

Open Letter To The Republic Of Ghana

Mr. Daniel Ohene Agyekum,

As the representative of your government in the United States, we wish to inform you that we consider your country to be rogue and lawless state that consistently fails to enforce its own laws, and exercise respectable good conduct amongst the community of nations.

The Republic of Ghana has become a laughing stock in the global community for its blind eyes shown to the unlawful and criminal activities taking place within your country.  

Ghana has become the global leader in on-line fraud and is leaving millions of victims in its shadow around the world.  

Your country’s failure to place any effective controls of this demonstrates that Ghana is just as much an accessory or partner to these crimes as the Internet Access Providers in your country themselves.

As the representative of your Rogue Criminal State, we are urging our fellow American citizens, and those in the victim countries around the world to boycott all products from your country, and to cease all tourism and travel to Ghana.  We request that businesses disengage from Ghanaian partnerships, and stop distributing products to your country.  We also encourage the ban or restriction on your citizens ability to travel outside of your country to limit the expansion of your country’s criminal enterprises to other parts of the world.

We wish to inform you that we have begun an active campaign to have the Republic of the United States of America break formal diplomatic ties with your country, and to eject your diplomatic mission from our shores.  Further, until such time to your government both recognizes and aggressively inhibits the unlawful activity engaged in on an institutional level in your country that we will continue to support and pursue these initiatives.  

We have and will continue to enlist the aid of our lawfully elected representatives to ensure that no American Tax Dollars are being given to your Rogue Regime in the form of grants or assistance, except for purely humanitarian purposes.  We recognize that not all Ghanaians are criminals, but by the very act of ignoring the criminal activities in your country, you force those of us outside to paint your entire country with the same brush.  The result of your indifference to these lawless few, is to turn your entire nation into a poster-child for the criminal and lawless reputation that your country has legitimately earned.

We welcome your response to the above, but until such time as significant legal action is taken against these gangs and individual fraudsters in your country. Ghana will remain a joke on the international stage.


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