How To Spot Fake Scammer Documents

/How To Spot Fake Scammer Documents

How To Spot Fake Scammer Documents

Scammers Use All The Time

Scammers create fake documents to support their fake identities!

However, spotting fake documents is not hard – all you need to do is look with a skeptical eye.

We have a large collection of Fake Documents on our main FB page:

Here are the key things to look for:

Fake photos

  • Look at the race – such as a Caucasian or Asian in an African country
  • Look for the typical stolen photos

Phony watermarks or holograms

  • Look for signs of altering of the image
  • We all know that passports are complex documents that have laser and other anti-fraud marks – these don’t photograph well, but are seamless.
  • Look for hologram marks that are broken or are clearly a very visible design
  • Look at the machine type face/font down in the bottom for any irregularities
  • Look to see if the passport name is a different font than the rest of the machine text in these rows
  • Is it consistent with real passports – do a Google search for the type of passport and compare

Text On The Passport

  • Look for inconsistent contrast in the text in the document
  • Very dark and sharp focus compared to other text that is fainter and out of focus

Inconsistent Passport Numbers

  • Look for differences in the passport number – it will appear in several places and should all be the same

Inconsistent Signature

  • Look if the signature is the same name as that that appears in the fake passport


Look at the following examples of as a guide:

Fake Scammer Passport

Fake Scammer Passport

Fake Scammer Passport

Fake Scammer Passport

Gallery Of Fake Documents

How can you know for sure?

There a couple of simple ways to know for sure:

  1. Do a Google Search for real passport examples and compare.
  2. Contact your local embassy for the country that supposedly issues the passport so they can tell you if it is fake or not.  Most embassies have an email address where you can send a copy of the passport or document image that you received – they should be happy to confirm that it is valid or false – this also serves to notify that country that someone is creating fake documents.

Report All Scammers

How To Report

Always report every scammer.

Without your help, scammers continue to get away with their scams.

  1. Report all scams and upload pictures or photos on our website here:
  2. Report scams where you lose money to your local police first
  3. The report to your national police (FBI, RCMP, etc.)

Without reporting YOU are personally allowing scammers to get away with their crimes.



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