ANTI-SCAM TIP: Scammers Like Gays & Lesbians

ANTI-SCAM TIP: Scammers Like Gays & Lesbians

sextonlove4u - Dating Scammers targeting Gay and Lezbians online

Dating Scammers targeting Gay and Lesbians online [this woman’s photo was stolen, she may not be gay]

Another New Trend In Dating Scams

Lately, Dating or Romance Scammers in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Philippines are giving significant focus on Gays & Lesbians for their scamming.

Why?  Generally because they tend to be more open and vulnerable, and trusting – less skeptical.  This makes them perfect targets for scammers.  The path that Gays and Lesbians walking when looking for love can be more challenging, and requires more faith.  This allows the scammer to drill in and hook them.  

They are also far less likely to report this crime, fearing that the authorities will not take their loss seriously.  Plus, in some of the countries this originates from in Africa, being gay is still a significant crime.

In the end, it ends the same.  The scammer reaps their money, leaving another broken heart in the dust.

Another aspect of these Romance Scams, is that scammers also try to turn normal Dating Scams into Blackmail Scams – believing that gays and lesbians are also more vulnerable to this.

Remember, regardless of your orientation:

Verify Then Trust!

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