ANTI SCAM TIP: Proof or Sign Photos

ANTI SCAM TIP: Proof or Sign Photos

ANTI-SCAM ALERTBeware Of Sign Pictures

One of the logical things to ask a potential real person or a scammer is Proof Of Life!

In other words to send you a photo proving they are real.


Example Sign Photo

Example Sign Photo

There is the down side of this:

First, if you are talking with a real person, this will show you don’t trust them – this is not a good starter to a relationship

You should use all the other clues to determine if you are talking to a scammer.  However, if you have doubt, but still think there is a chance that you are talking to a real person, then ask for proof.

Watch out though.  Scammers are good a fraud.  They can send a photo that shows a sign, but not the face.  

The good news is that most scammers use stolen photos, and this means they have no way to provide a PROOF photo.  

Though the really dangerous ones, are the real people scammers.  These are real people, or at least have a real person to hook you.  They know there is almost nothing you can do to them, so there are thousands fo real scammers around the world.  They will send you all the photos you could ever want, but in the end it proved nothing – you are still being scammed.

Ultimately, use what you know, and if you smell a rat, move on!

Gallery Of Sign Photos

In fact you can make your own fake signs here:

Fake Sign Photo

Fake Sign Photo

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