Another Scammer: Sherry

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Another Scammer: Sherry

Sherry - probably stole the photo

Sherry – probably stole the photo

Here’s Another Native American!  From The Nigerian/Ghana Tribe!

Another Nigerian (Ghana) 419 Scam!

She is:


She Says Her Details Are:

I’m looking for a true love good caring man to share my life with
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: United States
Location: San Antonio, TX
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Native American
Hair Color: Dark Brown hair
Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Christian – Other
Astrological sign: Leo
Level of Education: Some college
Occupation: Banking
Income: I’ll tell you later
Smoking: Non-smoker & don’t mind smokers
Drinking: Don’t Drink
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: No
Want Children: Yes
Looking to meet a: Male Age: 40 to 60
Relationship Desired: serious relationship with marriage potential
Last Visit: Today

She Says About Herself:

I was looking for my happiness and still in my search, some people say it comes when you don’t expect it, others say we need to search and put our goals in front of you. I am romantic and believe in true, mutual love, when harmony always safes the family life, when it is only the laugh and positive around. I want to love and be loved, only people who love even once in life are the real people! Love gives us the special winds and protection, but we need to care and cherish it as much as we can.

I am looking for my man, the person who will communicate with my soul, bring me happiness and tears sometimes (it is life), who will fight for me and our family, with whom I will feel myself as the real woman. We can’t live without each other, missing each other, appreciate every minute of our staying together. Sharing and devotion are the main components of the strong and everlasting relations.

Yep Nigerian/Ghanan Scammer Grammar!

Her First Message:

Hello Good morning there. and how was your today..?
Oh I hope by the Grace Of God you are doing great. well
my name is Sherry.. I’m a woman of 30 years Old. Single
True lovely good caring, faithful, honest, kind and
understanding woman.. and I’m willing to meet the same
in a man. So i read your profile and it really sound
great to me and that makes me contact you, and I hope
this is not embarrassing. Thank you. And i will be very
happy to chat with you Online. So you can contact me
with my email to know more about each other better 
soon, So my email address is.. Im online now and cant wait
to see you there soon. Thank you…. lol


As almost always the red flags are everywhere!

Follow Up With the 419 Money Scam Hitting Hard!

Hello Good morning my Dear how are you today….?
Oh my Dear i hope by the Grace Of God you are fine,
well Dear Its really nice to read from you…Well, some
more about myself and my family, I was born in
Texas,San Antonio into a christian family with my
father being a missionary. He was a single parent cos
my mother died when I was very young and I was not
opportuned to know her yet before her demise. This is
really painful and I live with a dream of imagining the
kind of mother she would have been to me.and my Father
used to tell me she was grate, so I hope that close to
my heart. I happened to be the only child and my father
did not re-marry ever after. My father was my father
and mother at thesame time as he gave me all the love
and attention and I could ever need, and he makes me
very happy. My father and myself lived in the United 
states till I was 10yrs old before my father had to 
take this missionary trip to africa. He brought me here
to africa with him cos I have no mother to take good
care of me back in the states, and also cos he loved me
so much and he wants me around him all the time and
wanted to take good care of me. That was how I had to
have my studies here in africa. After some years of
missionary works in Southafrica where I had my
secondary education, my father proceeded to Ghana for
continuation of his mission and here, I continue my
studies…Unfortunately for us after a couple of years,
my father got attacked here by a gang of armed robbers 
and was murdered in the process leaving me all alone to
myself which is the most difficult situation I have
ever had to face in my life. well This was a sudden
blow on me and it just seem that the only one thing
that means the whole world to me was taken away. There
was nothing I could do to reverse this to have my
father back. All efforts to track this gang by the law
proves abortive since the police here in this country
are not competent enough. I mourned my father for a
while,though still in my heart, but I knew I had to
move on with my life and live good so he can be happy
when he looks down on me from up above, so I did.
Things got pretty ugly for me and it was hard for me to
move on with my education and all…So, I put in for a
schorlarship scheme examination(SSE) which I studied
very very hard towards. This won me a schorlarship that
helps me with the finances for my studies and my living
while my years at the University lasts. I have been
graduated for about 2 years now from the University of 
Ghana with Banking and Finance as my major. I have
since been looking for employment but up till this very
moment, I am still unable to get hold of one cos this
country has a very bad economy. High level of crime,
corruption and poor leadership is an issue here too. I
have written so many job applications and have applied
for so many jobs both in banking and financial sectors,
its so painful that I still cant get a job here and
this really makes life miserable for me if you know
what I mean. This is really killing the dreams of so
many people here, and its so unfortunate that I study
here. I really want to come back to the states but with
my unemployment status, it makes it hard for me to
afford my airfare and thats why I am still back here 
struggling with getting hold of a job to help me save 
up to come back to the states.

Expert job of crafting the story, but of course it’s all lies.  Full of scammer grammar, and improper use of terms.

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