An interesting and horrifying concept [Video]

/An interesting and horrifying concept [Video]

An interesting and horrifying concept [Video]

We would like to introduce an interesting and .

What if Facebook’s algorithms are actually steering victims to scammers right now?

The incredibly brilliant sociologist explains how these algorithms are already controlling what we see and where we go online. So why is it difficult to think that in fact your behaviors are directing you to high risk pages, groups, and people who are ultimately there to scam you?

After all, a scam is just another kind of sales process – selling you on the fantastical fairytale, so they can get your money. It’s really no different (mechanically) from selling you Coke or a Chevy or a Political Message. A scammer is really just a salesman – selling you what you want to buy, even though it is not real.

From her :

“We’re [meaning the online industry] building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci. In an eye-opening talk, she details how the same algorithms companies like Facebook, and Amazon use to get you to click on ads are also used to organize your access to political and social information. And the machines aren’t even the real threat. What we need to understand is how the powerful might use AI to control us — and what we can do in response.”

But it is also the law of unforeseen consequences at work here too.

We encourage you to watch the video carefully and think about this concept. The concept that the unforseen consequence of all of these marketing algorithms that decide what to show you next, are in FACT lining up a steady stream of high risk scammers for you to fall victim too.

Our chairman is also a TED member and alumnist. Perhaps in the future we will also be able to present the connections we see about this topic. But for now, it is up to each of you to share this concept with your circle of family and friends. Because it isn’t just limited to scammers. It can be steering your children to sex at an earlier and earlier age, or to drug use, or to becoming victims of human trafficking, or to extreme radicalization, or to criminalization, or just to hate.

These algorithms – and not just on Facebook, but on , and Google – are analyzing your interests and behaviors and feeding you more of what THEY think your will want, pushing you to the extreme is just another technique.

Steering you towards unsafe behaviors – scams – serves the purpose of keeping you online longer. It exposes you to more ads in the process. Think about your online habits before and then during the scam. We bet you increased your online time dramatically while you were communicating with your scammer. For Facebook, that is a desirable outcome.

Knowing about the snake in the grass is the first step in avoiding them – but YOU have to share this message, and get off of your BUTT to do it!

It’s up to you. But if you never do, don’t come back an complain about how the world led you and yours into the darkness.


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  1. Michael November 3, 2017 at 10:52 am - Reply

    You mentioned Facebook does not use that service I’d have disagree, I’ve been on Facebook for couple months and all I get are scammers this week had some real winners and sure Facebook knows what going on,can’t be that polluted and not know I’ve gotten hooked on it I am on everyday now,,it’s addicting and know no reason other than the high!
    I’ve got 2 after two weeks and seeing all going on I now play thier games and make them mad/angry and got a kick out of it,I’m gathering as much info on bigger groups to turn in. Whch will give to you when finished,trying to help with problem just let the kids know to be “VERY CAREFULL” not a place for young unfished minds to be! If a 55 year old can be caught in thier web of lies they will be easy pray. As said Facebook knows clearly whats happening but so big and money to powerful cant be stopped only slowed down and as you wrote about will only get stronger to defeat! Kids whatch out thier waiting for you!

    • Michael November 7, 2017 at 4:57 pm - Reply

      Thanks for Facebook articles on Facebook!? Going after Facebook and other social media outlets is neede, know hard cause of money and power,but this amount of scams going on in these networks the CEO’s are aware of but turn a eye to, why wouldn’t they more people become addicted, more members more money and as you know it’s life and business, well I hate the fact this has always been the norm,as society becomes uninformed and numb too and don’t care! The more powerful Corp. become, and more people become victims. I’ve been on disability for few years now I have plenty of time to help as much as I can and have started since I almost fell victim to my first scam, thought if someone as me who knows better,I grew up on streets of LA not dumb or nieve to the games, as now older 54 scams you hear of but until you get one you,could not believe they are very Street smart not smart, as I have committed my spare time to collect info to turn them in for investigation, the more you learn. Have discovered some of thier tricks on Facebook and it’s in thier profiles which have seen change, if you look at along with thier pics of models and anything they can get on web you will see they belong to some kind of dating site, if pull up page you’ll se some kind of ties to Middle East leading in one way to African ties,
      Also in intrests if looks strange tap and pull up you’ll see tv networks aired in regions there, if you see ask yourself what young girl or boy born and raised here especially in midw
      east be interested it’s not profiling as some think it’s you using your noggin, also look at contacts you will see #vif it’s 234 area code it’s Nigerian,any 12-13 digit #is overseas I figure thier subtle ways to inform others thier scammers as well. I have plenty of shady people to report and soon,

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