SCARS™ / RSN™ Scam Victims’ Support Groups

RSN™ Anti-Scam Alert: Savior Victims

RSN™ Anti-Scam Alert: Savior Victims One of the things that happens to some victims is they develop a kind of messiah complex - a necessity or mania to help other victims - meaning they think that only they can save others. They become a kind of collector going around and gathering other souls so they can save them. They join anti-scam groups to "help" them but actually have no training in victims' support or related [...]

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS – Chapter 4 – Obsessive Scammer Exposing – Updated

SCAMMER URBAN LEGENDS - Chapter 4 - Obsessive Scammer Exposing Originally published chapters 3 and 4 were together, we split them for greater clarity. The Compulsion To Expose! When someone is recently victimized by a romance scammer they fall into one of four main categories: Those that simply hide Those that panic Those that are enraged & want revenge Those that want to understand After some time passes they will develop distinct Mindsets, but that is not [...]

The Scam Victim’s Mantra

The Scam Victim's Mantra In Order To Recover From Your Scam You Must Change That Part Of You That Allowed It In The First Place! We have prepared a mantra for you that you can repeat to yourself when you feel your emotions boiling to the surface. I Am Imperfect I Am Human I Was Foolish And It Cost Me I Wanted To Believe But Was Lied To I Know Better Now I Am Learning More And [...]

RSN™ Guide: Hate Who Your Scammer Is

RSN™ Guide: Hate Who Your Scammer Is We Have A Few Serious Questions For Scam Victims: Do You Know Who Your Scammer Is? Do You Hate Your Scammer? Can You Ever Forgive Your Scammer? When You Say You Can't Forgive Your Scammer, Do You Even Know Who Your Scammer Is? For most of you (especially victims of African Scammers), the answers are NO! You do not really know who your scammer is or was. For [...]

Being A Scam Victim & Getting Support

Being A Scam Victim & Getting Support Being A Victim Of A Romance Scam Is A Terrible Experience Things are fine while the relationship is going on. Of course, there are things that disturbed you but you are at least you were fully invested and and being fully manipulated into the distractions that scammer provides. But once it is over you are in shock and traumatized. You Are Not Going To Be A Happy Camper But [...]

Editorial: Should You Try To Find Out The Real Name For Your Scammer?

Editorial: Should You Try To Find Out The Real Name For Your Scammer? That is the question: Is it better know the real name for your scammer? This is a serious question for most victims. You want revenge. You want justice. How can you get that without knowing who to accuse, right? WRONG First off, you were probably not scammed by just one person. Scammers work in teams, and they take shifts.  Someone is always on [...]

Scam Survivor

SCARS' Scam Survivor's Medal Are You A Scam Survivor? For All of You Who are Scam Victims You are Truly a Survivor and a Hero! We Salute You! We present to each of you the SCARS Survivor's Medal in recognition of your achievement and to remind you that you are a survivor! You stopped your scammer and opened your eyes. You turned away from the scam and found the support of other victims. [...]

Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking And Just Let Things Happen This is a bit of a conflict. You need your brain in gear when dealing with scammers, but you need to stop overthinking about what happened. Rely more on instincts. If you are honest with yourself, your instincts probably told you something was wrong with the scammer long before you let yourself accept it because you were overthinking - meaning your thought processes could not accept what your [...]

Losing Control

One of the great challenges of being a victim is losing control. It seems like the scammers control everything - your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, and your reactions. However, as time goes by, you learn more about what happened to you. You learn to understand your reactions and let go of the negative responses. Partly this is by learning about who and what scammers really are. It is a process of discovery and desensitizing yourself [...]

The Trauma of Victimization

The Trauma of Victimization Provided by the National Center for Victims of Crimes SCARS is registered with the NCVC as an online crime victims’ assistance and support organization Overview The trauma of victimization is a direct reaction to the aftermath of crime. Crime victims suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma. The primary injuries victims suffer can be grouped into three distinct categories: physical, financial and emotional. When victims do not receive the [...]


GETTING THE PERSON BACK THAT YOU ONCE WERE ... One of the things many recovering scam survivors state as a goal is to get the person back that they once were. Many of you have said this too. Yet, is this really a worthwhile goal? Look back at who you were ... coldly and objectively! Who were you before your scam and what attributes did you express? Were you someone who believes any old stranger [...]

RSN Steps™ – Scam Victim Free Self-Help Recovery Program

The RSN Steps™ - Scam Victim Free Self-Help Recovery Program Copyright © 2016-2018 Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams Inc. A Free 8 Step Program For Self-Help Recovery From Online Fraud The SCARS™ / Romance Scams Now™ Road Map To Self-Recovery For Scam Victims. Note: This is not a medically approved program, but an emotional support program intended for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the end. This program was designed by the [...]

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