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Visit Romance Scams Now On Facebook In addition to our website, there is a whole other world of information on our Facebook Page and Groups. Come and LIKE us: Romance Scams Now Victims Support Group [NEW] Romance Scams Now Main Facebook Page RSN's Porn Stars Scammers Love Page RSN's Scammer Memes - Because Sometimes You [...]

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Want To Learn More?Like and Follow Us on FacebookRomance Scams Now has several different Facebook pages dedicated & focused on different aspects of Dating Scams.Main Romance Scams Now™ Facebook PageTips & Techniques to Fight Dating Scammers Facebook PageNigerian Dating Scammers Facebook PageHow to Spot Scammers Facebook PageCatalog of Porn Stars that Scammers Love Facebook PageSocial [...]

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We Did It! YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: A few moments ago we passed a real milestone in our website's history. We broke a major record in the number of visitors on our website We thank every one of your for your help in fighting scammers around the world. We ARE the number 1 anti-romance-scammer website [...]

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TOO MANY WEBSITESTO CHOOSE FROM? Your cable company wants to take that away from you! On February 26, the FCC will be meeting to decide between two options for the future of the internet! Click Here To Learn More! TITLE II IS GOODFOR ME, YOU, AND EVERYBODYON THE INTERNET No one tells you what the [...]

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Open Letter To The Online Dating Industry

Dating Websites Live In Denial An Open Letter To The Dating Industry We are often surprised to see just how ambivalent Dating Site operators are about Scammers and Fake profiles! In a recent study conducted by the found that the majority of online daters surveyed (from our 30,000+ visitors per month) is that they [...]

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We Had A Good Year

Thank You To Our Visitors We had a good year and helped over 300,000 visitors! That's a lot of victims and potential victims we helped along the way! We started offering our advice and counsel several years ago through other websites and forums, then in 2013 we launched and your response has been amazing! [...]

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Notice About Copyrights This website and the company behind it create original content to help fight scammers.   This is an effort that requires considerable effort and cost.  In fact, as a not-for-profit website, we do this at a considerable loss, because we believe in the goal of our site and to help support the [...]

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Another Scammer Code Word:First  From time to time we see scammers using this word: First They use it in: Love First or First Love almost always  This seems to be an identity clue to a single or small group of scammers.  Watch out for it. Remember these photos were stolen from real people! [...]