Editorial: What Are We To Do About Scams?

Editorial: What Are We To Do? For over 26 years the scammers were gaining ground. In fact, scams went up by at least 50% each and every year - in some years it doubled. Let's [...]

Government Grants Scams

SCAM WARNING: Beware of "Free Money from the Government" The federal government grant scam has been around for years. But now, scammers are finding targets through social media. How It Works: You see posts from [...]

Welcome To The Real World

RSN EDITORIAL: Welcome To The Real World Why Doesn't The World Stop Organized Crime Online? This is one of those "Be Careful What You Wish For Moments." Or it could also be described as one of those [...]

Mistakes Scam Victims Make

Common Mistakes Most Online Scam Victims Make After a scam, most victims go through a variety of emotional states! First there is denial, then comes anger, and judgment goes out the window! Unfortunately, when you [...]

RSN OPINION: Please Be Rational

RSN OPINION: Please Be Rational Let's Talk About Your Anger! We understand that many of you are extremely angry with scammers, You have every reason and right to be angry, but that anger works against you, [...]

SCARS (and RSN) Are A Partner Organization In Stop | Think | Connect Program.

SCARS Are A Partner Organization In Stop | Think | Connect Program This includes RSN Too as the SCARS Scam Avoidance Education and Scam Victims' Assistance & Support Unit Stop.Think.Connect.™ It is a national public [...]

Scam Victim Rescue

Rescuing Victims From Scammers Let's talk about rescuing victims This post is dangerous if done in the wrong way. If you follow this process it can help people - if you don't you [...]

Romance Scam Victimisation

Romance & Relationship Scam Victimization Victimization (or victimisation) is the process of being victimized or becoming a victim. Research that studies the process, rates, incidence, and prevalence of victimization is called Victimology. vic·tim·i·za·tion ˌviktəməˈzāSH(ə)n,ˌviktəˌmīˈzāSH(ə)n/ A Noun :: the action [...]

Scammer Hostility

ONE OF THE COMMON CHARACTERISTICS OF ROMANCE SCAMMERS IS HOSTILITY The African & Russian Schools of Scamming have a similar characteristic, they are working huge numbers of prospect victims, and just don't have time to waste. [...]

Who Is The Person In The Photo?

RSN Editorial: Who Is The Person In The Photo? We are constantly asked by victims to identify the person in the photo that they fell in love with. They want to save them, or tell them [...]

Top USA Cybercrimes

The Top 30 Cybercrimes in the USA According to the U.S. Department of Justice, July 5, 2017 The top 30 Cyber Crimes in Reverse Order are: 30. Denial of Service Attacks - A cyber-attack that [...]

New Online Safety Law

Proposed Congressional Bill: Online Safety Modernization Act of 2017 Would make doxxing and other online acts a federal crime! As a part of their election promises, this administration committed to make us safer online and [...]