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General John R. O’Connor – Do You Know This Soldier?

Do You Know This Soldier? General John R. O’Connor General in the United States Army You Have Probably Seen His Photos Before! General John R. O’Connor Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner [...]

The Emotional Traps To Watch Out For

Psychology of Scams The emotional traps to watch out for Criminals are using age-old techniques to manipulate the way we think and act, leaving us vulnerable to scams. IDCARE counsellor Suli Malet-Warden explains the psychological [...]

Scammers Using Children

SCAMMERS NOW USING CHILDREN AS "MONEY" MULES Met Police warn fraudsters are targeting child 'money mules' Children are being targeted by criminals to act as money mules, police have warned. The scam involves transferring stolen [...]


The Legendary Nigerian Scammer: Emmanuel Nwude This is the story of Emmanuel Nwude who carried out the biggest Nigerian Scam in history! The story of Emmanuel Nwude is an epic story of a scammer [...]

Welcome To The Real World

RSN EDITORIAL: Welcome To The Real World Why Doesn't The World Stop Organized Crime Online? This is one of those "Be Careful What You Wish For Moments." Or it could also be described as one of those [...]

Western Union Repayment News

Western Union Repayment News UPDATED NOVEMBER 13 2017 Portions From:  & WARNING: YOU MUST FILE BY FEBRUARY 12, 2018 The United States Department of Justice Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section serves as the central decision [...]