Zen Of Scamming™

A Christmas Wish About Scammers – A Scammer Christmas Poem

A Christmas Wish About Scammers - A Scammer Christmas Poem A little thought for their victims! As Christmas draws near, we wish the victims of scammers good cheer! Just for you we give you this little funny, in the hope that you will briefly forget your lost money! The Night Before Christmas By Tom Borman & Jane Ward Twas the scam before Christmas, when all through Ghana Not a scammer was stirring, not Ana, or even Hanna [...]

The Scam Victim’s Mantra

The Scam Victim's Mantra In Order To Recover From Your Scam You Must Change That Part Of You That Allowed It In The First Place! We have prepared a mantra for you that you can repeat to yourself when you feel your emotions boiling to the surface. I Am Imperfect I Am Human I Was Foolish And It Cost Me I Wanted To Believe But Was Lied To I Know Better Now I Am Learning More And [...]

RSN™ Insight: The Pig Pen Syndrome

RSN™ Insight: The "Pig Pen" Syndrome "Shit Happens" Is The Old Saying Sometimes It Happens A Lot And Doesn't Stop. Did You Ever Think You Might Be The Cause? Some people believe in the Karmic Wheel, but while that may influence luck on a long-term scale, it probably is not the cause. Pig Pen from the Peanuts The Cause Is What I Call The "Pig Pen Syndrome." "Pig-Pen" is a major male character [...]

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