Human Trafficking & Slavery Connection

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SCARS™ Guide: Human Trafficking & Its Relationship To Scamming

SCARS™ Guide: Human Trafficking & Its Relationship To Scamming Human Trafficking Many do not know that online fraud is closely related to Human Trafficking and Terrorism. The bad guys that scam the world help fund these activities. The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] does all it can to help raise awareness of this important issue. That is why we are proud to help support and be affiliated with Freedom United Please visit [...]

Scammers & Slavery

THE WAR AGAINST SCAMMERS & TERRORISTS - SLAVERY We in the Western Countries sit back fat and happy while horrific things are being done around the world. Did you know that 45 million people live as slaves today, right now? This is what the Islamic scammer world believes in. This is what at least 30% of scammers support. Modern slavery takes many forms and encompasses many terms including: slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking. The [...]

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