How To Report Scams & Scammers

SCARS|RSN™ Scam Basics: From Victim To Criminal

SCARS|RSN™ Scam Basics: From Victim To Criminal How Can A Scam Victim Be Transformed Into A Criminal? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! There are millions of romance scam victims around the world. More than a million in Europe, perhaps as many as 6 million in the United States alone. This is happening and it is very real. Victims know this and live it. But there are ways that this can go from bad to worse [...]

Reporting To The FBI Around The World – SCARS|RSN™

SCARS|RSN™ Reporting Scams: Reporting To The FBI Around The World The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains offices around the world, including in Ghana and Nigeria. The FBI has offices around the globe. These offices—called legal attachés or legats—are located in U.S. embassies. For more than seven decades, the FBI has stationed special agents and other personnel overseas to help protect Americans back home by building relationships with principal law enforcement, intelligence, and security services [...]

Reporting Scammers To The Ghana Police Services – SCARS|RSN™ Reporting Scams

Reporting Scammers To The Ghana Police Services Contacting The Ghana Police This is presented because so many ask for it, but the Ghana Police are totally corrupt and will try to scam you themselves! The Ghana Police Service has, since its inception been in the frontline of the criminal justice system of Ghana. It is clearly the most visible arm of government as the symbol of law and order, [...]

Reporting Scams Is Everyone’s Duty – SCARS|RSN™ Editorial

SCARS|RSN™ Editorial: Reporting Scams Is Everyone's Duty Reporting Scams Saves Lives Reporting scams and scammers is more than a duty we all share, it is also how we help other victims avoid scams or escape from scams they are already in. Sadly, most victims will never report their scams out of fear or anger, but it is essential that the world knows! That was the reason by SCARS and its partners invested in the creation [...]

ACT AGAINST SCAMS! – SCARS™ Campaign – Call To Action

SCARS|RSN™ ACT AGAINST SCAMS! - Call To Action Do You Want To Do Something To Make A Difference? Here is something very simple: Save this graphic to your phone / tablet / computer. Then when you find a fake profile, add it as a comment on the top post so other potential victims will know the risk! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

What You Can Expect After A Scam – SCARS|RSN™ Podcast By Dr. Tim McGuinness

 SCARS|RSN™ Podcast By Dr. Tim McGuinness: What You Can Expect After A Scam Immediately After A Scam, You Will Have Questions. We Will Try To Answer Them! Here is our After-Scam Reality Check Podcast! You can download this for playback later is you would like. It is blunt but to the point – you need proper expectations to move forward with your recovery. Based upon our 27 Years of Experience this is what you should expect: You Have Been [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Editorial: A New Year’s Resolution!

SCARS|RSN™ Editorial: A New Year's Resolution PLEASE SHARE THIS Over the last four years, the SCARS' Board of Directors and their corporate sponsors have spent nearly a million U.S. Dollars on the operations of SCARS. Paying for employees, paying for offices and expenses, and most importantly building and maintaining the only dedicated worldwide scam and cybercrime reporting network managed by its SCARS|CDN Division - with over 100 reporting points on and other locations and [...]

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams Online Romance Scam Information About Stolen Soldier Identities Impersonation & Identity Theft Of United States Army Soldiers If You Suspect Someone Then They ARE A Scammer You may have a suspicion about someone you have met online. You may not know it yet but your instincts picked up on something out of place (below we explain the Red Flags in more detail). Go with your [...]

RSN™ How To: What To Do If Your Scammer Impersonates You On Facebook?

RSN™ How To: What To Do If Your Scammer Impersonates You On Facebook? We say it over and over, never confront scammers. When you do they can take out their anger in several ways, and one of them is cloning your Facebook profile. The best approach is always to just go silent, report them, block them, and walk away. However, most victims react emotionally and the result can be a copy of you on Facebook [...]

RSN™ Guide: Clones – Copying Profiles & Identities

RSN™ Guide: Clones - Copying Profiles & Identities Cloning - Can My Real Grandmother Please Stand Up? Portions from Anonymous Most of us have heard someone say this: "Someone Cloned My Profile" And they alert you that their profile must have been cloned! (they other over used favorite is "someone hacked by profile") The Urban Legend is that almost every account is being cloned. Your picture and your name have been used to create a [...]

Scammer Interrogation Techniques – SCARS|RSN™ Guide

SCARS|RSN™ Guide: Scammer Interrogation Techniques Updated: March 2019 Many Victims Ask How They Can Be Sure They Are Being Scammed The simple truth is that if you are asking that question then the odds are you already suspect it. If you suspect it, then you are! However, if you want to go through the trouble of confirming it (which we DO NOT recommend) then you can use this as a guide for how to question [...]

Requests For Removal Of Scammer Reports

Requests For Removal Of Scammer Reports We recently had a victim request that we remove a Scammer Report from our website. Of course, we have no direct knowledge if the person was a scammer or not. He was reported under the victim's name (by the victim), though now the victim says it was her son that reported the scammer - her son is an adult. Confusing! Scamming Insight: As many of you know, when you [...]

Scam Victims Still Do Not Report

Scam Victims Still Do Not Report One of the leading causes of governmental disinterest worldwide in Romance Scams is the simple fact that only a small percentage of these crimes are reported. Only 3% Report Their Scams As long as this remains true, governments will prioritize their resources where they see there is the greatest need! The average victim find reporting to either be embarrassing, tedious or a waste of time. Yet it [...]

Scammers Are Trying A New Tactic!

Important: Scammers Are Trying A New Tactic! Scammers are reporting victims as scammers on anti-scam websites. Since we have the largest scam reporting network on Earth, scammers are attempting to compromise us and other websites with bogus reports against real people. To temporarily control this, we have turned off the display of all scammer data on our websites pending a thorough clean out. You can still report scammers on and here, but you will not [...]

RSN™ Guide: Why Reporting Matters?

RSN™ Guide: Why Reporting Matters? Most People Do Not Report Scammers We know that 95% of you who will read this will not report your scammer to law enforcement or any credible entity That is truly sad! As citizens, each of us have a duty to report crimes. Yet when it comes to scammers most victims remain silent. There are so many excuses: The police are mean The police do nothing about it anyway I [...]

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