More Esther Ansomaa

Esther Ansomaa Is So Popular With Ghana Scammers Here Is Another Collection Of Esther Ansomaas We Have Found While we cannot say all are scammers, we suggest never talking with anyone by that name, since this is a name used very often by Ghana Scammers. Facebook Esther Ansomaas: [...]

Stop Fraud – Report Fraud In The U.S.A.

Stopping Online Fraud Is Everyone’s Responsibility! If You Allow The Scammers To Get Away With It, You Are Helping Them Win! It is all of our responsibility to report frauds, and expose scammers.  Only in this way can we help stop this online scourge. You Can Report Fraud Easily Here: Fraudulent activities should always be [...]

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Nigerian Police

How To Contact The Nigerian Police If you have been scammed by a Nigerian and have reasonable proof of this (not a suspicion).  You can contact the Nigerian National Police and file a report.  The Nigerians do investigate cases of Internet Money Crimes, such as 419 money fraud and Dating Scams. However, you should note, [...]

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Scammer Culture & Local Terms

Nigerian & Western Africa Word & Concept:Mugu Mugu Is A Typical West African Slag Term A typical slang much famous in the English-speaking region of Western Africa. It is used in referring to a victim of a fraud or to a person who is duped of his/her money, especially through the internet. In Nigeria it’s [...]

Why Do Scammers Choose Photos?

Why Do Scammers Choose Certain Photos? Scammers Chose The Photos They Do Because They Are Targeting A Certain Kind Of Victim! Man or Women, they target their victims carefully. When an African scammer selects a stolen photo to use in a fake dating profile, they are looking for specific type of victim.  They are looking [...]

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Confirming Scammers By Photo

Confirming Scammers By Photo How To Catch A Scammer In The Act We all know that scammers are creatures of habit, and generally lazy.  However, they are also skilled at the art of deception.  This is why you need tools! One of the most important tools is The way this works is simple: 1: [...]

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God Fearing!

Are You God Fearing? Would you ever say it in a Dating Profile? Yet West African Scammers say it ALL the time. Here’s a perfect example of a Scammer at work: […]

What Visitors Were Looking For

Check Their Weight!

Scammers Don't Seem To Understand Weights & Measures! Always look at the profile details, especially their weight! You may find surprises. For Example: This is a young woman from a well know dating website ... Jenifer Mares profile details: 28 / Female / Straight / single How tall are you? 5'4" (162.56 cm.) How much [...]

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Scammers Are Clever!

Scammers Are Clever, They Think! But They Only Win Because We Are Dumber!   Anti-Scammer Tip:  Watch for a Key Phrase in Dating Profile descriptive text! "Please don't bother to send me message SCAMMER!!! Am not here for games.!" The use of the word "Games" is the clue!  We see this or similar phrases on a [...]

Nigerian 419 Money Scams – Surprising Facts You Should Know

Nigerian 419 Money ScamsSurprising Facts You Should Know While Nigerian 419 Scams are not really Romance Scams, they go together, because many times a romantic or dating scam contact ultimately turns into a money scam. Nigerian 419 Scams are some of the most common scams online, and thousands of gullible people have become victims of these [...]

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Want To Report Scammers In Ghana?

Want To Report Scammers In Ghana? We Have A Way To Do Just That! Click Here » You Might Just Wake Them Up!  [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]