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Facebook & Social Media Largely Ignore Scammers

Reprinted from the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (SCARS) » Why Does Facebook & Social Media Largely Ignore Scammers? United States Law rules the Internet (or did until Obama gave the internet away this year) One of these laws is 47 U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act All of us in [...]

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New Year’s Resolution

New Thoughts About Old Problems On A New Year's Eve! Have you ever noticed that the people that complain the most loudly against ethical standards are usually the ones that break them most often? There are a few Facebook Anti-Scam Groups that are doing everything in their power to put the Society of Citizens Against [...]

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Official RSN Predictions for the Coming Year 2017

It will soon be 2017 - Here Are The 11 for 17 Here are our official RSN predictions for the coming year 2017! Let's see in a year how many we get right! SCARS will meet with Facebook, begin discussions on the SCARS Plan, and Facebook will employ IP checking and other countermeasures Dating Industry [...]

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The Spanish Prisoner Scam

Reprinted from Slate » The Spanish Prisoner, the Treasure-Dangling Scam That Won’t Die “A man in this country receives a letter from a foreign city,” reads a New York Times trend story from 1898, about a “common” scam being carried out by mail. Titled “AN OLD SWINDLE REVIVED”, the story details how the "Spanish Prisoner" [...]

International Relationships

International Relationships Are Dead! One of the amazing things about the Internet was how it allowed us to connect with amazing people around the world. This was one of the blessings of online dating also, and in fact Facebook as well. You could connect and make friends the world over. Now fast forward to 2016 [...]

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DANGER - THE ADVENT OF CYBER INVESTIGATORS Cybercriminals operate the world over. We know this. Cybercriminals steal billions of dollars from individuals around the world. We all know this too! This is a problem of epic proportions with as many as a million new victims in 2016 alone. Like all areas of economic activity, this [...]

Save Someone’s Life This Christmas

Be very careful this Christmas season! People that you know are going to be lonely. That makes them vulnerable to relationship attachments online. That makes them vulnerable to relationship scams. Scammers understand this and work extra hard during the holidays to exploit this. You probably know friends or family members who are alone and isolated. [...]

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Going To Africa After Your Money

Have You Been Tempted To Go To Africa After Your Money? NEVER TRY TO GO AFTER YOUR MONEY ODDS ARE VERY HIGH YOU WILL NOT COME BACK   Many victims think that they can go to West Africa to recover their money. This is just another foolish fantasy on top of another bad decision. The fact [...]

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Online Dating Websites

Are you using online dating websites? If you have been a victim of an online scam anytime in the last 5 years, you should never use online dating - EVER AGAIN. Why? Because scam victims are more likely to be scammed again and again. You may not think that, but you are a believer. You want [...]


What Is The Best Way To Report Fake Profiles On Facebook A VICTIM'S GUIDE TO HOW TO REPORT SCAMMERS WHAT IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO REPORT SCAMMERS ON FACEBOOK? The most effective solution is a combination of intelligent and productive actions: 1) First report all scammers on the [...]

SCARS Seminar October 27, 2017 Thursday 6-8pm

The Plague Of Online Fraud Every 5 Seconds Someone Is Scammed Online Online fraud is more pervasive and widespread than even the government knows. Everyone knows someone who has been scammed online. We invite you to finally understand the true dangers online and what you can do about it – to avoid, to recover, and to stop [...]

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Scammer Dangers

What are the dangers from scammers? You know the obvious one - you fall for a scammer and they take your soul and money. But are their other dangers? THAT IS A BIG FAT YES! So what are they? PROBLEM #1: Access. To start with the obvious, by friending a scammer you give them access [...]

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Check Your Friends

DO YOU HAVE SCAMMERS IN YOUR FRIENDS LIST? We did an audit of a few hundred people on Facebook, and guess what we found? SCAMMERS You need to check your Friends List right now! It's ok, we will wait! Do it now! RULE #1: Remove all friends that you don't personally know. Friends are not [...]

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Support Groups Para Sa’yo Filipinas

Support Groups Para Sa'yo Filipinas Biktima ka ba ng "online romance scammer"? Pwede ka naming matulungan kung nanaisin o gugustuhin mo. Matutulungan ka namin at mabibigyan ng mga impormasyon sa mga kayang gawin at mga hindi kayang gawin ng mga " scammers". Mabibigyan ka namin ng kaalaman sa kanilang mga kasinungalingan nang sa gayon ay [...]

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Para Victimas en Español

Grupo de Soporte para Victimas en Español Si usted es víctima de un estafador le podemos ayudar. Le damos ayuda y apoyo emocional. Ayudamos a recuperar. Todos somos víctimas aquí, sin prejuicios. Sólo un lugar seguro donde se puede compartir su historia con amigas. Tambien tenemos un Grupo en Español en Facebook! Hágase miembro [...]

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