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Scammer Clues

Scammer Clues You Can Use!Here are a group of clues you can put to immediate use:OBFUSCATIONOne of the scammer's favorite techniques is to obfuscate, or avoid a subject during your emails and conversations.You may ask them a specific question, and a real person would answer it in some way at least, but a scammer will [...]

Threats From Scammers

Have You Been Threatened By A Scammer?What to do when you are receiving harmful threats from scammers by phone or emailTypes Of Threats:Assassination Threat - They Are Going To Kill You!You Broke The Law Threat - You Are Involved - ComplicityExtortion ThreatsThreats from scammers have become commonplace online and in email. Their threats can range from [...]

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Online Money Scams – An Overview

Fraudsters Gain Your Trust Then Steal Your MoneyPortions Reprinted from Western UnionThey use any means to contact victims—telephone, snail mail, email, and the Internet!They gain your trust and when they have you hooked, they ask you for money; then they take it and run.The scenarios they use to lure you in change, constantly, but you [...]

Fake FBI Agents

SCAMMERS PRETENDING TO BE FBI AGENTSOne of the new techniques that scammers are trying now is to pretend to be FBI agents after you admit that you know their scam!They do this in a number of ways, all are relatively stupid, because they really have no idea what they are doing, but as the saying [...]

Deal With Reality

Guys, Why Is It So Hard?Why is it so hard to accept the simple fact that American, Canadian, and European Porn Stars don't live in Ghana (or Nigeria, or anywhere else in Africa) and are scamming you!We have documented countless times that African Scammers (and Africans elsewhere) are stealing the women's photos.You are not [...]

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Online dating website users ‘conned out of millions’

Online dating website users conned out of millionsFrom the BBC 28 October 2015Online dating fraudsters conned victims out of more than £33m in the last year, the UK's national fraud centre says.Action Fraud said 3,543 people reported falling victim to dating scams in 2014-15. It said dating sites "very rarely" vet members to prevent fraud.Commander [...]

A New Trick

Scammers Keep Testing New TechniquesDon't be fooled!The latest trick of the South Asian and African scammers is pretending to be the actual porn stars that they are using.  Of course these porn and webcam girls do not live in Ghana or Nigeria or Indonesia. The scammers are trying this approach to confuse their victims. But [...]

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ALERT: NEW ROMANCE SCAM We are hearing of a new variation on Romance Money Scams. In this case, the scammer asks for you full contact information, including address, to send you a gift or gifts. Then you get an email from "Customs" telling you that you have to pay duties/taxes on the gifts - but [...]

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Scammers University in Ghana

Scammers University! Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Scammer Training Ground In Ghana Our research has found that a significant percentage of Romance Scammers originate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana We think this is, in part, because for many this is the first time they have had full [...]

Malaysia becomes Internet Scam Haven

American Women Targeted Malaysia Becomes Internet Scam Haven KUALA LUMPURSource Reuters Hundreds of American women are being ensnared by Internet scammers based in Malaysia, with some losing over a quarter of a million dollars, as the country becomes an epicentre for online crime perpetrated by Africans, US officials say. The mostly Nigerian conmen, who enter [...]

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Helen Balacayo – Filipina Scammer

Helen Balacayo - Filipina Scammer Helen is one of the more prolific Philippines Scammers Here is Helen Balacayo's Photo Gallery:  

Scammer Website Steals From Us! a scammer and copyright infringing website operated by: anghelus cristinel, copyright thief and scammer Scammer Website Steals From Us! Recently we saw that a website called had undergone a massive transformation. In the process of that transformation, they stole a large number of pages from our website! It was clear to [...]

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Nigerian Scammer Music!

Here's What The Nigerians ThinkAn Actual Nigerian Scammer Music Video - But It Has A Happy Ending!Enjoy, and please tell us what you think?Please note that the quality is poor, but you'll get the idea! Note:  This Video was Published on Dec 13, 2012  This was a message to all mature male Australians to watch out [...]

Scammers Code Name: Faustina

West African Scammers Code Name: Faustina  We present a new selection of Scammers using the name Faustina  Remember these photos were stolen from real people!  Some are famous, some porn stars, some actresses & models, some ordinary people who had their identity stolen. […]

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