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New Study Shows Who Are Likely To Be Scammed

A New Study Analyzes Who Will Be Scammed Sensitive people more vulnerable to online dating scams The Study Was Conducted by the BRITISH PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY Per their results, sensitive and less emotionally intelligent people are [...]

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Scammers Now Target Children

IT'S ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN Recently we all saw an article about a teen that committed suicide after a scammer enticed him into sexting (sending compromising photos of himself) and then the scammer blackmailed [...]

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Arrest Warrant Scams

Warning! Arrest Warrant Scams Reprinted from USCOURTS.GOV You’ve received a warrant by fax or email saying a federal law enforcement officer or an attorney for the government wants to arrest you. Charges may be for [...]

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Beth Humphreys – Do You Know This Girl?

Do You Know This Girl?Beth HumphreysAdult ModelYou Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before!Beth Humphreys Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course you don’t really know Beth Humphreys, since these are stolen photos [...]

How Do You Fight Scammers?

How Best To Fight Scammers?What do you do when your National Police Force does nothing?Look the Police, FBI, EuroPol, and others are seriously busy dealing with violent bad guys! You just need to accept it [...]

Thank You

Thank You For Making Us The Leader!Romance Scams Now™ Has Become The World's Leading Anti-Scammer WebsiteWith 10,000 visitors daily and nearly 4,000,000 visitors a year!Our mission is to disrupt scamming around the world, and deny [...]

How To Spot Fake Scammer Documents

Scammers Use Fake Documents All The TimeScammers create fake documents to support their fake identities!However, spotting fake documents is not hard - all you need to do is look with a skeptical eye.We have a [...]

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Online Money Scams – An Overview

Fraudsters Gain Your Trust Then Steal Your MoneyPortions Reprinted from Western UnionThey use any means to contact victims—telephone, snail mail, email, and the Internet!They gain your trust and when they have you hooked, they ask [...]