Real Dating Scammer

Another Fake Filipina Scammer: Axeia Pearl

Philippines Scammers Come In All Varieties This one uses Fake Facebook Profiles to lure in victims The greatest challenge with Filipina or Filipino scammers is that they uses real identities as well as fake ones.  When they give you their real identity, everything checks out, they are just scamming you.  They do this because they [...]

Meet Jessy Jobe From Senegal

Jessy Jesiica Jobe Romance Scammer from Senegal [email protected] Jesiica “Jessy” JobeIs A Polite Scammer From Senegal Jesiica Jobe appears to be a REAL Scammer Though it is possible that they are photos of “his” girlfriend? About Jessy Name: Jessy Jesiica JobeFrom: Senegal, Western AfricaEmail: [email protected] Do you drink? No Do you smoke? [...]