The Legendary Nigerian Scammer: Emmanuel Nwude This is the story of Emmanuel Nwude who carried out the biggest Nigerian Scam in history! The story of Emmanuel Nwude is an epic story of a scammer [...]

The Many Faces Of Blessing Marfo Of Ghana

Blessing MarfoAnother Many Faced Ghana Scammer Yet another example of Ghana Scammers using one name and many different stolen photos Blessing Marfo’s Many Faces Photo Gallery: […]

What Visitors [...]

The Many Faces Of Goodwill Ajaratu of Ghana & Ivory Coast

The Many Faces Of Goodwill Ajaratu West African Scammers Code Name:  Goodwill Ajaratu One Of The West African Scammers Favorite Code Names: Goodwill Ajaratu in Ghana & Ivory Coast    Remember these [...]