South African Scams & Scammers™

//South African Scams & Scammers™

RSN™ Insights: The Juju Curse

RSN™ Insights: The Juju Curse When You Get Scammer Emails or Messages ... THE SAKAWA JUJU SCAMMERS CURSE! After you get tired of their BS and want to give a good final reply, remember that [...]

RSN™ Special Report: African Marriage Scams

RSN™ Special Report: African Marriage Scams THE HAPPY COUPLES ... Another form of romance scam is the "Gambian" style marriage scam Needless to say, many Western men and women actually go to Africa to meet [...]

RSN™ Gallery: Collection Of Latest REAL Scammer Photos – August 30 2018

RSN™ Gallery: Collection Of Latest REAL Scammer Photos - August 30 2018 [toc] Here are photos we have found of apparently REAL scammers! Remember, scammers use thousands of fake or stolen names for each face they [...]

RSN™ Commentary: Boycott African Products Now!

Boycott African Products Now! NO MORE EXCUSES - NO MORE APOLOGISTS We have to end the lawless behavior of African Scammers, Human Traffickers & Slavers, and African Thugs & Terrorists! Until African Governments solve African [...]

Scammers & Slavery

THE WAR AGAINST SCAMMERS & TERRORISTS - SLAVERYWe in the Western Countries sit back fat and happy while horrific things are being done around the world.Did you know that 45 million people live as slaves [...]

God Fearing!

Are You God Fearing? Would you ever say it in a Dating Profile? Yet West African Scammers say it ALL the time. Here’s a perfect example of a Scammer at work: […]

SCAMMER: Samantha Kazi

SCAMMER: Samantha Kazi A South African Scammer Watch for key phrases like MIXED RACE from someone not in Africa! Guess what, they’re in Africa! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Samantha [...]

SCAMMER: Precious (pf4life32) 31 – South Africa (Ghana) –

Precious (pf4life32) 31 – South Africa (Ghana) – – stolen photo I am Precious – I am sexy girl Right … This Romance Website Scammer Is: Precious (pf4life32)   [...]

No Laughing Matter!

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine! And When You Get Older You Can Scam Americans Too! Hell No! Nuke Accra! […]

SCAMMER: Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33

Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33 – photo stolen Says She’s In Malaysia, But Her IP Address Is From South Africa This one has a more complex story But when you dig, [...]

Scammer Wanted Posters – Such A Shame

Here’s a collection of our latest Romance Scammer Wanted Posters […]

What Visitors Were Looking For

Scammer: Jennifer Denny

They have favorite names too! They love Sandra or Sandy, Jenny or Jennifer, and many others! So here is our next contestant: Jennifer Denny […]

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