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I Report Scammers
I Expose Scammers

This Is Our Pledge!

You have either been a victim
or you know someone that is!

The authorities are never going to control this problem; it’s up to us!

We offer a simple choice:

Remain A Victim or Fight Back!

How do we fight back?

Join the
Romance Scammer Informant Program™

If 100% Free 

Here is how it works and what you do: Romance Scammer Informant Program Badge - The Five Pointed Star™

The Five Pointed Star

1: We provide you with your badge, that you add to YOUR dating website profile as a gallery image.  This declares to all scammers that you are mad as hell and not going to take it any more!  Then if a scammer contacts you, you are going to report them; you are going to expose them!

2: If the dating website refuses to allow YOUR badge, or takes it down, YOU report them to us!  We will maintain a list of Scammer Friendly Websites!  There is already a US$1Billion Lawsuit Against  Maybe the sites that refuse to support anti-scammer programs like this could be offered up next?  We know the law firms involved in this suit and are fully supporting them.

3: Having the badge on your profile will automatically reduce the number of scammers that contact you.  But when they do, you report them – that is YOUR pledge! That is what YOU can do to fight back!

4: Share this with friends and family, so they can help themselves.  It takes a Volunteer Army to fight an Army of Scammers!

5: Report all suspected scammers!  You have seen the photos they use, so stay aware, and if you see those photos, report them to us!  Only together can we make a dent in this!

Terms & Conditions:

1: We ask that you do not modify the badge graphic file in any way (other than resize, and that is usually done by the websites).  The badge is copyrighted, but you are free to use it in the ways outlines on this page: on dating websites, social media websites, and in emails, to identify yourself as a Romance Scammer Informant™.

2: We ask that you fill in the form below, just so we know which people are using the badges, in case we see any unknown use.  Your information will never be shared with outsiders or marketers.  We will send you information about Dating Scams and what you can do to keep yourself safe from time to time.  However, we promise not to abuse the trust you have placed in us.

3: When you report scammers, we ask you to use your best judgment and never abuse the process.

That’s It!

Only together can we make a dent in this!

In the near future, we will also ask for your help in enforcing international law against scammers!  We intend to take the battle to Africa ourselves! So stay tuned for more about this.

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Romance Scammers Informant Program

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    Please Join the Romance Scammers Informant Program by filling in the confidential information below. This way we can help maintain the integrity of our program!
  • Please enter your first and last name. All information will be kept confidential.
  • We will only use this information to share Program updates and addition information from RomanceScamsNow™ or its publisher.
  • Please give your profile address if possible - we won't tell anyone
  • Please give your profile address if possible - we won't tell anyone
  • Please give your profile address if possible - we won't tell anyone
  • Please give your profile address if possible - we won't tell anyone
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Also visit our Dating Scams Discussion Forum
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benefit of other victims and potential victims!



  1. sean October 19, 2014 at 11:52 pm - Reply

    I’m trying to report a present confirmed scammer you Web site not leting me I’m out 10000 been lied to and f over have evidence of federal fraud asweLloyd can you get the butch or am I wasting my tI me you allready have her photo

    • Romance Scams Now Publisher October 20, 2014 at 11:20 am - Reply

      First, not sure why you were unable to report her. But you can send full details to romancescamsnow @ perfectreputations . com

      Second, remember, you are probably NOT talking to the person you see in the photos. Most of these women have had their photos stollen and used by scammers. We post them here as evidence of that identity theft.

      Send us your information and we will be sure it gets into our system and displayed. You can also post the information in comments too, but better to send it as an email.

  2. Romance Scams Now Publisher May 24, 2014 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    Get your own personal Informant Badge that you can wear when you are Skyping with a prospect. Scare off the scammers before they get you!

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