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The Ghana Police

This is presented because so many ask for it, but the Ghana Police are totally corrupt and will try to scam you themselves!


The Ghana Police Service has, since its inception been in the frontline of the criminal justice system of Ghana. It is clearly, the most visible arm of government as the symbol of law and order, to the people. Ghana Police Service is mandated by Article 200 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana, and the Police Service Act 1970 (ACT 350). The constitution mandates the Service to operate on democratic policing principles. The Police Se

Ghana_Police_Service_(GPS)_logo[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=

rvice Act 1970, Act350 spells out the core functions of the service as follows:

  1. To Protect life and Property,
  2. To prevent and detect crime,
  3. To apprehend and prosecute offenders,
  4. To maintain public order,

to ensure a peaceful and safe environment to facilitate economic and social activities as a pre-requisite for making Ghana a Gateway to West Africa

As per the new motto of the service , “TO PROTECT AND SERVE WITH HONOUR” the GPS is committed to protect and serve all residents in their communities, using democratic policing principles, and appropriate technology to protect life and property, and personal dignity . The vision of the Ghana Police Service is to be a World Class Police Service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective, and peaceful services up to standards of international best practice.

The Ghana Police Service is divided into twelve (12) administrative regions, namely , Accra , Tema, Ashanti, Eastern , Brong Ahafo , Volta, Western , Central , Northern , Upper East, upper West, and Railways , Ports and Harbour Regions.

As part of the Ghana Police Service functions, the current online service portal helps citizen and non-citizen residents of Ghana to connect with each other at a simple point and share information of the service available online. Currently the on line service allows the citizen of Ghana to post and track their application for obtaining the finger print or Nominal Vetting certificate. Apart from the online service the portal also allows the general public to abstain information from the service available at the Ghana Police Service.

How to contact the Ghana Police:

Box GP 116 Accra , Ghana +233 302 761250
+233 302 773906
[email protected]

Afterwards, here is a link where you can give them your comments about their effectiveness:


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I was scammed out of $4,000.00 by Abiodun Oluwagbemi and Adefusika Vincent when this happened they lived in Accra , Ghana . I was in a bad car wreck right after and I am just now able to let people know what kind of men they are . I had to borrow the money from my mom to keep from going to jail. I still have all the paperwork with all information on them. DO NOT SEND THESE 2 GUYS ANY MONEY even if they post a fake check from a phone in your bank account. Because of the wreck… Read more »
George Farang

Mr. Joseph Boateng Abedi of JOSEBOAT VENTURES LTD in Ghana and Mr. Kwame Ofei CEO of ITALTEC! Italtec is a registered company in Ghana!! These people are still in business and hiding like little schoolgirls when people ask them for answers about their fraudulent business. Even after providing proof with audio and a signed contract by Kwame Ofei the CEO of ITALTEC himself(!) he still denies fraud! Stay clear of these two. They’re a menace!

Tom Brown
Evelyn Asidue has cost me over £3200 UK pounds via Western Union since October 2014 until last week, there is a full record of all amounts paid to her at Western Union. She was going to join me in England, she is from or says she is from The Czech Republic and living in Western Accra/Winnebar area I have a copy of her passport I can send 33 years of age DOB 30/01/1983 and is probably working with associates, recently we have been messaging via Skype email addresses :- [email protected] & [email protected] Telephone numbers 00233 20812 5127 & 0233542835500 —… Read more »

Please cancel Kate Amoah has turned out to be ok. She was ill lost contact s wiggan my mobile +447808157721 thankyou . Sorry for the trouble

Mr Colin Harwood

Esther Smith [[email protected]] and using Skype as est.smith1 &

She saying she needs money her travellers check are still waiting clearance at the bank

she says she in the Royal Hotel Kumasi and send money to pay manager to Mr John Donker who works at the hotel

Her pictures are on stolen list